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Employee Compliance Enablement

Compliance Training and Monitoring for Unified Communications

Proactive, realtime end-user training that reinforces compliant behavior
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Firms in regulated industries regularly use collaboration with video to conduct business and communicate with customers, prospects, and partners. This powerful communication resource also introduces risk for potential employee misconduct and inadvertent data loss. Disclosures and communication are the main reasons for misconduct penalties, making up 40% of regulatory fines and 77% of the total dollar amount of fines levied from 2012 to 2018. At the same time, compliance teams need the ability to disseminate the right information in real-time, identify risky employees, coach those risky employees, and provide real best effort reports to auditors—all of which is extremely challenging.

Empowering your employees and compliance teams with the right training and real-time resources will greatly reduce these risks.

Compliance Risks in Conferencing and Collaboration Chat

Video conferencing and collaboration chat are rich mediums with many places where employees can inadvertently create compliance risk. Compliance teams struggle to help with:

  • Users forgetting to provide current, appropriate disclaimers or and lack the provability for auditors that users did provide one
  • Outdated or ‘not available’ disclosures for PRIIPS, RegBI, suitability, and more
  • Detecting the sharing of confidential data through desktop sharing, screen sharing, or file sharing
  • Sending inappropriate content in chat sessions (private and group)
  • Displaying inappropriate or confidential images via webcam

Employee Best Practices Reinforcement

Train your users on what is considered risky behavior in video and chat collaboration. Then, reinforce this with a solution that provides real-time alerts during video collaboration sessions that reminds users when a risky action is taken, such as desktop/screen sharing or use of webcam as well as reminds users that their action is being logged when they do something potentially risky. This approach ensures you have an interactive training facility that reinforces how users can remain compliant, and it personalizes the interaction between compliance and employees.
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Real-time compliance resources

During a meeting, employees need real-time access to current compliance resources. A compliance solution needs to have the ability where compliance approved resources are readily accessible enabling employees to take a more proactive stance by following compliance best practices and better protect the organization and themselves. This also allows compliance and legal teams to manage resources, ensuring that only the most current and appropriate compliance resources are shared with customers.


Your solution should have a resource library for your users to present directly from within the video and chat collaboration platform that includes: approved disclaimers, disclosures, privacy statements, authorized presentations, and more!

Company and user-based reporting

Reducing risky behavior requires visibility. Firms need visibility into the actions users take within video meetings, without the need to record.

  • Users should be able to look at how their use of unified communication tools compares to others in the organization from a compliance risk perspective, as well as provides advice on how to reduce risky behavior. Arming users with this information empowers them to more proactive in managing compliance risk for themselves and the firm.
  • Compliance, legal, and risk teams need `visibility into when and whether compliance approved resources are being used in meetings, which can be used for internal training or to protect the organizations by providing support to auditors during investigations.


The solution should support your existing video conference and unified communication platforms. A solution that provides extensive integrations gives you flexibility to evolve your collaboration strategy without interruption to your employee compliance enablement program.

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms