Retention and Compliance for RingCentral Unified Communications

Organizations have electronic communication retention and supervision policies in place to comply with regulations, such as Dodd-Frank, PCI-DSS, and MiFID II, as well as ensure that the content of these communications comply with company policies, quality standards, and external regulations. The volume of call recordings and digital content that require retention and supervision can be staggering, making review and compliance difficult.

Theta Lake provides AI-based compliance and archiving for RingCentral audio & video recordings, SMS, Glip chat, faxes, and voicemails with automated risk detection in digital content based on NLP and deep-learning powered policies.



Regulatory requirements including Dodd-Frank and MiFID II have expanded the amount of audio recording that organizations have accumulated. That is now compounded by privacy rules like GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act along with personal accountability regimes for compliance teams, which means those recordings need review, supervision, and audit.

Organizations don’t have the toolset to efficiently, effectively, and affordably performing compliance review, supervision, and archiving on large volumes of RingCentral recordings. Existing approaches have been inadequate,

  • Manual Review – Lacks scale and is costly
  • Legacy Archiving and DLP Tools – Focused on text-based communication
  • Transcription with Search Tools – Lacks accuracy, doesn’t cover visual content, takes too much time, costly

Simplify Compliance Review with AI Intelligence

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Ensure employees are meeting quality standards as well as prevent leakage of sensitive information.


Identify misconduct or any behavior not consistent with regulations in large volumes of recordings.


Long-term, WORM compliant archive to comply with your organization’s specific retention requirements.


Better preserve content for litigation matters. Search for recordings based on policy detections, people, and keywords.

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Expand Compliance Supervision to all RingCentral Content

Theta Lake provides compliance for RingCentral call recordings, Glip chats, SMS, faxes, video conferences, and voicemails to detect regulatory and corporate risks within RingCentral communication. Using AI to power insights and automation, Theta Lake offers customizable workflows to efficiently scale the compliance review and supervision process for any sized organization.

Risk Detection & Prioritization

  • RingCentral video, voice, Glip, SMS, voicemail, and fax communications are checked against 30 built-in policies to surface regulatory, corporate compliance, and conduct risks in RingCentral communications. When a potential risk is detected, Theta Lake surfaces the detection in an AI-assisted workflow to help teams prioritize remediation of compliance risks. By focusing resources and efforts on content with identified risks versus performing review on random samples, compliance teams can more easily and cost effectively remediate more organizational risks.

Archive and eDiscovery Management

  • Secure, WORM compliant archives provide the ability to store, archive and process RingCentral video and call recordings, Glip chats, SMS, faxes, and voicemails for long-term retention, legal hold, and eDiscovery.
  • Comprehensively capture all chat messages and seamlessly integrate them into your archive, retaining the full context of each chat, including all visual images (emojis, reactions, gifs, pictures), links, shared files, and more with Theta Lake’s Archive Connector.
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capture chat messages

Glip Chat, IM & File Capture

Effortlessly unlock the productivity gains from IM and Chat collaboration with RingCentral Glip, and be compliant with FINRA, SEC, FCA and other legal and regulatory electronic communication retention obligations without worrying about cost overruns.

Conversations are saved in their original threaded context, as well as capturing files and images within the conversation history. These shared files are captured, retained, and analyzed along with Glip messages, providing one platform to control and supervise all Glip generated content.

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RingCentral + Theta Lake = Unified Communication Compliance

Streamline compliance and increase reviewer productivity
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Save Time, Save Money

  • Increased Supervision Scale: Review 100% of digital content with technology, plus workflow insights and automation.
  • Time-Saving Workflows: AI drives review activity for non-technical reviewers to more easily, efficiently, and consistently deal with RingCentral communication supervision.

Improved Compliance, Reduced Risk

  • PII Redaction: Apply redaction to recordings with personal information, preventing leakage of PII.
  • Time-Saving Reports: Detailed reports of RingCentral communications, identified risks, and workflow actions on RingCentral content, give managers and auditors a clear understanding without having re-review.

Integrate RingCentral Video

Protect every meeting with comprehensive enterprise-grade security. Theta Lake integrates with RingCentral Video to capture your teams video conferences, screen shares, and internal video shares for compliant archiving and risk detection.
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Theta Lake for RingCentral

Learn how Theta Lake powers automation and workflow insights to add greater efficiency and consistency, while reducing costs.

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