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Safe Collaboration

Mitigate Security Risks When Using Collaboration Platforms

Gain safe, secure, employee use of video, audio, and chat conferencing.


Collaboration Security


Using collaboration platforms is essential for today’s business. And it also introduces risk. Employees can share confidential information or engage in misconduct, and external parties can gain unauthorized access and wreak havoc on meetings. Theta Lake proactively mitigates these risks.

Proactively Manage Risks in Unified Communications


Sending and sharing URLs during a collaborative meeting is commonplace. However, when they’re inappropriate or security-risk URLs, this creates an array of issues. Theta Lake alleviates this risk by alerting, and even deleting, URLs that pose a risk.


Features like screen sharing, document sharing, whiteboarding, and meeting recordings open up avenues for data loss. Theta Lake empowers organizations to identify privacy and data loss risks during collaboration sessions to safeguard sensitive information in audio, visual (webcam, screen share), text-based, and shared content.


Without appropriate monitoring in place, misconduct issues can persist and proliferate, resulting in downstream legal liabilities. Theta Lake makes it easy to identify abusive and controversial behavior so you can mitigate the potential human resource and legal liability risks.

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Zoom configuration rules example
A preview of Theta Lake's compliance review screen, content taken from a collaboration platform

Eliminate Risks in Chat

Unmoderated content that users post in chat opens up risks for sharing inappropriate links, abusive statements, and PII content. Equally worrisome, sensitive documents can be left exposed indefinitely, without the security and compliance teams’ knowledge.


Theta Lake allows an organization’s authorized security admins to delete any detected risks on the organization’s chat platform. With full logging and activity reporting, Theta Lake’s chat remediation provides safety measures to detect risks and remove them.

Chat Collaboration

Integrates with your platforms

Whether you stick with the platform you have today or decide to make a switch in the future, Theta Lake provides extensive integrations, so you have full flexibility to evolve your collaboration strategy without interruption to your security risk management.

Safety COVER for collaboration platforms

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