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Compliance and Security for All Zoom Communications

Theta Lake unlocks the full power of Zoom with the most comprehensive and purpose-built compliance, supervision, and security solution for Zoom applications, whether content is shown, shared, spoken or written. This evolving partnership has delivered significant value to leading organizations, including five of the top ten North American Banks, and resulted in Zoom’s investment in Theta Lake in 2022.

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Confidently and compliantly enable the
Zoom features that users want.
Fully embrace the collaborative benefits
of Zoom for your organization.
Transform recordkeeping while keeping users
on monitored Zoom communications.

Comprehensive Coverage for Zoom Apps and Modalities

Theta Lake has built a compliance and security platform purpose-built for UC,
providing unparalleled coverage for the Zoom Suite, including:

Zoom Meetings

Capture for 3rd party archives, compliant archiving, and full search & replay with risk detection across all modes of video, voice, chat, screenshare, on-screen content, and more.

In-Meeting / Webinar Comms

Selective archiving to 3rd parties or Theta Lake compliance archive of meeting components including in-meeting eComms (i.e. chat, polling, Q&A), transcripts, audio, video, and more.

Zoom Webinar

Capture for 3rd-party archives, compliant archiving, and full search & replay with risk detection across all modes of video, voice, chat, screenshare, on-screen content, and more.

Zoom Phone

Compliant voice recordings archiving, call logs and metadata retention, search, and risk detection.

Zoom Whiteboard

Capture for 3rd party archives, fully compliant archiving, with full support for tracking of changes, and rendering into PDF for presentation and preservation.

Zoom Team Messaging

Capture for 3rd-party archives, compliant archiving, full timeline search and risk detection including files & rich media, and built-in policy-based remediation & end-user compliance training.

Zoom Phone SMS

Capture for 3rd-party archives, compliant archiving, full timeline search, and risk detection.

Meetings Risk Manager

Security posture monitoring, configuration drift reporting, real-time risk monitoring.

Contact Center

Compliant voice recordings archiving, call logs and metadata retention, search and risk detection, extended data redaction, and protection options.

Why Theta Lake is Unmatched in Compliance and Security for Zoom

The Most Certified Zoom Compliance & Security Integration Coverage

Enhance compliance and security on Zoom modalities and features, anytime you need it.

Enterprise-Grade, Certified & Perpetually Maintained API Integrations

All API-based integrations are built in-house by Theta Lake experts and certified with Zoom, who is literally invested in Theta Lake’s success, meaning you have powerful, trusted integrations without any caveats, fine print, or reliance on 3rd parties, including our promise to monitor, maintain, and update API coverage and integrations for the life of your subscription.

Comprehensive Communications Capture

Full-fidelity capture and ability to export / integrate with 3rd-party archive and storage tools while maintaining the ability to render, search, review, and play back content in native format within a single timeline showing the full history of communications versus the legacy approach of disparate EML files or attaching MP3 / MP4s to emails.

Follow the User Capture

For voice, video, and chat, regardless of whether the user is a host or participant.

Flexible Archive Integrations and/or Native Compliant Archiving

Ability to capture Zoom communications and send to 3rd-party archives and storage to minimize impact on downstream systems and processes and / or the ability to use fully compliant Theta Lake archiving, including 17a-4 attestation for storage, search, replay, and risk detection.

The Most Complete Reconciliation Reporting

Provide auditors and regulators with built-in reports on the number of records being created, captured, archived, and delivered downstream to 3rd-party archives, as well as a fully supported API interface developer program you can use for your own reconciliation tools and processes.

Cloud Native with Flexible Archive Storage

Options to deploy on AWS and Azure across our 10+ global implementations; full support for using and managing your own encryption (aka Bring Your Own Key / BYOK); ability to use multiple storage or remote storage locations in AWS or Azure for data residency requirements; and the ability to fully own the data by using your own storage accounts in AWS or Azure where Theta Lake maintains config and compliance policies including 17a-4 attestation, but writes the data directly to your storage accounts providing control, access, no future migration fees, and better TCO (aka Bring Your Own Storage / BYOS).

Patented Proactive Compliance & Risk Detection Built into Solution

Theta Lake’s patented AI-assist technology includes hundreds of risk detection capabilities that are used by customers for surveillance, insider risk, workplace misconduct, and more. Detections can be used to automate remediation, disclaimers, end-user training, and alerting compliance or security reviewers, all while enabling organizations to leverage ML-based policies to detect risks across what is said, shown, shared, or typed in calls, chats, files, file shares, screen shares, texts, and more.

Robust Configuration Security Monitoring Infrastructure

Theta Lake’s Meetings Risk Manager (MRM) and Configuration Validation and Enforcement Reporting (COVER®) proactively and in real-time identify changes in meeting risk behaviors, security posture, and configuration settings with the industry’s only patented API-level solution for posture monitoring, configuration drift reporting that includes risk scoring, alerting, and automated enforcement.

Long-standing, Strategic Partnership

Zoom’s investment in Theta Lake in 2022 validates the strength and long-term access, alignment, and commitment of the partnership.

What's New

Now Supporting Zoom Whiteboard

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  • Comprehensive capture: Seamless integration with Zoom Whiteboard captures all participant activity, text and related metadata, along with daily snapshots of the entire virtual canvas stored as a PDF preserving context and fidelity, making review easier for compliance teams and eDiscovery personnel.
  • Powerful investigation capabilities: View activities/logs on a comprehensive timeline that illustrates the entire history of the whiteboard, combined with advanced search capabilities to drill down into specific activities in a record for better investigations.
  • Comprehensive integrations with existing archive environments: Theta Lake can act as an archive connector, journaling captured content to existing archives, including Proofpoint, Veritas Enterprise Vault, Global Relay, Mimecast, Smarsh, and more.
  • Verifiable reconciliation: Theta Lake can provide upstream and downstream reconciliation detailing the origins and location of content on a Zoom Whiteboard for a demonstration to auditors and other relevant parties.
  • Comprehensive eDiscovery: Records and logs are searchable to perform rich eDiscovery in real-time, across a variety of filters, including date ranges, participants, and detections. Customize retention policies, apply legal holds, and generate auditor reports from a single, secure platform.
  • Flexible storage options: Including Theta Lake’s SOC 2 Type 2, immutable SEC 17a-4 compliant archive, or with “Bring Your Own Keys/Bucket” for AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Award Winning Partnership

Theta Lake is 2023 Zoom Platform ISV Connect Partner of the Year

“We are honored to receive this recognition from Zoom,” said Anthony Cresci, SVP of Partnerships at Theta Lake. “Compliance and security are critical needs for enterprise and I’m immensely proud of the innovation and value that our partnership has delivered to our joint customers, which now includes six of the top ten North American banks, and I can’t wait to see how we raise the bar in the future.”

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