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Enabling Compliance and Security for all Zoom Communications

Theta Lake unlocks the full benefits of using Zoom by providing a purpose-built compliance platform to capture, archive, and supervise shown, shared, spoken, written, and whiteboard content. In addition to offering a SOC 2, Type II, WORM compliant archive and rich eDiscovery, Theta Lake has extensive integrations with email archives and eDiscovery systems. Theta Lake provides the most complete supervision and data leakage detection capabilities across audio, visual, and text-based content by leveraging next-gen AI, helping firms streamline compliance review through automated detection of regulatory, security, data privacy, and acceptable use risks, for a consistent and holistic view of conduct and data sharing risk across all communication mediums.

Theta Lake also offers an archive connector that captures all Zoom content in context and adds it to your existing archive. Download our solution overview to learn more.

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Theta Lake and Zoom Integration Overview

Meetings Risk Manger

Theta Lake Meetings Risk Manager delivers a multi-faceted approach to Zoom security with posture monitoring, configuration drift tracking and enforcement features coupled with risk correlation scoring using meeting behavior data. MRM provides configuration drift management and visibility monitoring into Zoom Meetings without compromising privacy and without recording. MRM is available for free at the Zoom App Marketplace.


Theta Lake Integrates with Zoom's Communication Modules

Theta Lake has the most comprehensive and purpose-built compliance, supervision, and security solution for all Zoom applications and across industries.

  • Zoom Meetings Supervision and Archiving – Enables eDiscovery, Supervision, Data Leakage Detection using deep learning and compliance AI to help compliance teams automate potential regulatory and compliance risk detection
  • Zoom eComms Archiving – Theta Lake enables selective and differential archiving and supervision for FSIs across any content type or mode in Zoom Meetings, including the option of selective archiving of just the electronic written communications of meeting chat and polling in a Zoom meeting without the need to record the audio or video from the meeting
  • Realtime Compliance Advisor for Zoom Meetings – providing realtime compliance coaching and resources for employees in live meetings
  • Zoom Chat Supervision, DLP and Archiving – providing fully native capture and archiving, supervision of messages, shared content, URLs, and integrations with email archives or 3rd party storage systems
  • Zoom Phone Supervision and Archiving – providing archiving, AI-assisted supervision with patent-pending NLP-based transcription relevance and normalization, PII redaction, and workflow to streamline compliance and training review
  • Zoom Safety COVER® (Configuration Validation and Enforcement Reporting) provides best practices for organizational controls to maintain safe and secure use of collaboration tools.

Theta Lake flat-out saved us time and money while improving our compliance coverage. We have rapidly scaled up our use of Zoom for meetings as well as recorded presentation and training content. This new selective electronic communications archiving allows us to expand usage of Zoom with compliance coverage for additional users that we don’t need to fully record. In addition to the criticality of compliant archiving, we really save hundreds and hundreds of person hours using the review system and workspace itself. We’re communicating and creating more and more content via Zoom and Theta Lake has enabled us to scale our compliance and supervision for Zoom without increasing headcount.

Todd LoganVice President of Workplace Technology, Advisor Group.

Capabilities and Benefits

Theta Lake’s Security and Compliance Suite provides much more than rudimentary archiving chat, voice, or video with just an accompanying transcript for the audio from the video. This includes the following capabilities which should be considered a bare minimum requirement to help improve compliance and reduce risk:

  • Archive Coverage for all Zoom applications
    • Integrates and captures content for Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Chat
  • Flexible deployment modes
    • Works as 17a-4 Archive of record with legal hold and / or integration support for one or more legacy email archives across chat, voice, and video
  • eComms specific archiving
    • Allows selective content archiving for just the electronic written communications in chat and polling from Zoom meetings with the option to not record the audio or video of the meeting
  • All Content Analyzed
    • Ability to analyze and detect risk in all content including detecting risks in images, documents, applications, and desktops shared or shown onscreen as well as risks in chat and voice content across Zoom applications
  • Differential User Group Coverage
    • Ability to set recording, review, eDiscovery, archiving, and risk detection policies across different user groups, geographies, and compliance or information security use cases
  • Certified SEC 17a-4 WORM & SOC 2 Type 2
    • Secure and compliant archive supporting ‘bring-your-own’ encryption keys with no additional or hidden storage costs for archiving Zoom content.
  • Email Archive Integration
    • Support for all industry standard email archives including ZL Technologies, Veritas, Smarsh, Proofpoint, Mimecast, Microsoft O365 Archive, and more. Theta Lake Archive Connector comprehensively captures all chat messages and seamlessly integrates them into an organization’s archive.
  • Instant Search, no SLA Required
    • Robust search and eDiscovery across hundreds of search filters and free-form text search on voice, text on screen, images, chat, and in-meeting chat along with meeting metadata such as participants, date ranges, etc.
  • Built-in Risk Detections
    • Risk detection coverage includes 70+ pre-built and deep learning trained detections for regulatory, data loss, privacy, and abuse risks in shared, shown, spoken, and typed content.  Additionally, custom machine learning detections, custom lexicons, compound variable policies, and risk scoring are available.
  • Zoom Configuration Enforcement
    • Safety COVER® (Configuration Validation and Enforcement Reporting): allows continuous monitoring, alerting and remediation for Zoom platform security settings
  • AI Assisted Review Workspace
    • Detections and Zoom video, voice, and chat communications presented to compliance teams in an easy to navigate, directed, and logged review workspace

Additional Zoom Resources

Solution Brief: Selective eComms Archive for Modern Collaboration Platforms

Theta Lake captures chat and other electronic written communications from within video meetings (often referred to as meeting-based eComms archiving) across Zoom modules, all without requiring customers to record the video and audio of the meeting.

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Webinar Series: "Creating Better Unified Communications Compliance & Security in a Hybrid Environment"

In this on-demand webinar series, we cover how Theta Lake partners with Zoom to deliver next-gen security and compliance solutions to enable safe, secure, and compliant collaborations.

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Solution Brief: Theta Lake Integration with Zoom

Theta Lake seamlessly integrates with your Zoom platform to provide AI-based compliance and archiving with automated risk detection and review workflow of shown, shared, spoken, written, and whiteboard content.

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Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms