Compliance + governance
for Zoom communications

Efficient and effective communication compliance is challenging. Dealing with the increase in communication over video creates additional compliance, risk, and legal concerns around data leakage and misconduct.

Theta Lake provides AI-based compliance and archiving for Zoom video, chat, and audio with automated risk detection for shown, shared, spoken, written, or whiteboard content in Zoom.

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Regulations, such as Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, FTC’s Truth in Advertising, expand communication recording requirements and demand more oversight in customer-facing communications. Privacy rules like GDPR coupled with personal accountability regimes are increasing pressure on compliance teams to know what is in their company communications.

Organizations don’t have the toolset to efficiently, effectively, and affordably perform compliance supervision and archiving at scale, relying on manual approaches or transcription with search tools, both of which are inefficient, time-intensive, and costly.  


Compliance Intelligence for Zoom

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Theta Lake for Zoom brings all videos, audio, and transcripts into a centralized hub for your compliance review.


AI-based technology reviews 100% of Zoom meetings for compliance risks in audio and visual content.


Identify data leakage of PII, Intellectual Property, or other confidential information.


Rule based policies for long-term retention, legal holds, and eDiscovery across audio and visual content.

Expand Supervision Programs to Zoom Video

Theta Lake provides a purpose-built compliance suite that makes the review of Zoom content easier, faster, and more accurate. The system uses deep learning and compliance AI to help your compliance teams automate policy risk detection and manage workflow for potential regulatory and compliance risks in Zoom video, audio, and chat conversations.

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Low Impact Risk Assessment

  • If you prefer not to record all conversations, Theta Lake’s integration allows for selective recording of specific groups, creating a baseline understanding of compliance and data leakage risks within select video calls.

Long-Term Storage Archive

  • WORM compliant archives provide the ability to store, archive and process Zoom content securely according to user defined data retention policies. Files cannot be deleted or modified until the previously defined data retention period expires, ensuring your organization meets record-keeping requirements and has a simple way to perform e-discovery tasks and generate audit reports.

Zoom + Theta Lake = Compliance Made Easy

Streamline compliance and increase reviewer productivity

Save Time, Save Money

  • More Efficient Supervision: Review 100% of digital content with technology, plus workflow insights and automation add consistency, efficiency, and efficacy for non-technical reviewers.
  • Increased Functionality: Turn on whiteboarding, content sharing, or other features that were previously disabled due to compliance risk.

Improved Compliance, Reduced Risk

  • Automated Risk Prioritization and Detection: Spend resources and manual review efforts on recordings with identified risks based on 30 built-in policies powered by natural language processing and machine learning.
  • Expand Use of Zoom: With compliance solved, expand Zoom usage to additional external facing communications that require retention and supervision.

Theta Lake for Zoom

Learn how Theta Lake powers automation and workflow insights to add greater efficiency and consistency, while reducing costs.

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