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VIdeo Compliance

Corporate Video Compliance

Turnkey compliance for your corporate video program.



Video production is the backbone of any solid corporate marketing program. In fact, 91% of marketing professionals say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy, especially because 94% say video helps increase user understanding of a company’s product or service. With those impressive stats, the last thing you want is a burdensome compliance review process limiting your video ROI. Automating compliance oversight will enable your corporate video program to reach its full potential. Look for technology purpose-built for video compliance review.


Pre-review of your corporate videos is easiest when you can do it right where the video is created. Your solution should integrate with your content management system (CMS) to easily capture and supervise videos. And, this approach should allow you to place holds on your corporate videos so that they’re not distributed until your compliance team has approved the content.
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Automated Capture

Your corporate video compliance solution must integrate with the video platforms where content is created and stored to enable supervision and compliant archiving. Also, the system should provide the flexibility to allow users to submit the content directly for compliance review.

Script Comparison

In cases, where a script has been used, an automated digital script review will let you quickly understand how closely the audio matches your compliance-approved script. This is a core initial step in the review process, helping compliance teams prioritize which videos require manual review as well as automating rejection of videos that deviate too far from the compliance approved script.

Accelerated Supervision

Your solution should scale your compliance program with automated detection of content and behavior that doesn’t comply with industry regulations and your corporate policies. Your solution should incorporate technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate the detection of regulatory, corporate compliance, data leakage, and conduct risks. These industry-standard policies (disclaimers, misleading advice) should come pre-packaged but you should also have the ability to apply custom detection rules specific to your organization.


And for video, of course, content analysis should include audio and visual (presentations, screen shared, webcam, virtual whiteboard) content.


Streamlined Review Workflows

Your solution should assist your reviewers with a directed workflow that enables a highly efficient review process and minimizes the time required. For fast review of your corporate videos, your solution should provide digital script comparison, compliance risk detection, scene thumbnails, and accelerated playback.

eDiscovery Support for Audits

When it comes time to demonstrate compliance for your auditors, your solution should easily perform eDiscovery on the audio and visual video content as well as metadata such as participants, dates, titles, and produce reports that detail the actions that were taken during supervision.
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