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VIdeo Compliance

Social Video Compliance

Easily expand your social media compliance program to include video.



Given that social video generates 1200% more engagement from users than text and image combined, social media is rapidly transforming into a video-first platform, leaving text-only social content behind. Social media compliance programs need to expand to cover social video and a purpose-built solution makes that easy. 

Automated Capture

Organizations should institute corporate procedures that either require individuals to submit external videos to compliance teams in advance of external distribution or define policies that govern content creation and the social channels available for distribution.


Your social video compliance solution must integrate with your social channels to capture video content that’s posted, this ensures that compliance teams have visibility into all company-associated videos. Integration should support social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others. 

Facebook video compliance review

Risk Detection

Your compliance program should incorporate technology that automates the detection of compliance risks in audio, visual, and text that are spoken, shown, or shared in your social videos. Look for a solution is trained to detect acceptable use, conduct, regulatory, corporate compliance, PII, and data leakage risks plus have the ability to create company-specific rules.

Archive and eDiscovery

Archiving is an essential part of your compliance program. Your social video compliance solution should integrate with your archive infrastructure and provide rule-based retention along with video analysis summaries, video transcripts for search, as well as the actual video recording if your legacy archive supports ingesting the video file.

Pre- and Post- Review

Your technology vendor should support both pre- and post-review processes for your videos. Allowing your firm to define the compliance review process based on the type of video content, the platform being used, and the creator as some videos will inherently have more regulatory scrutiny. 


As social programs gain scale pre-review no-longer is a viable option and a risk-based post-supervision is more fitting. Having a vendor that can support multiple workflows, integrate with content management systems where videos are created, identify risky video content that requires manual review, and even automate approval/rejection dispositions creates needed efficiencies for compliance review. 

Youtube video review overview
Social video supervision management overview


Your solution should automate the review of all aspects of the social video, including audio, visual, and text and identify content that does not comply with corporate policies through the use of advanced AI, OCR, and NLP technologies as well as provide a rich workflow that assigns videos to your compliance team members for secondary review.


In addition, script comparison technology makes it easy to validate if a video matches a pre-approved script, streamlining the review process. This provides a highly effective compliance approach that avoids inefficient processes that rely on random sampling or the use of transcripts.

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