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Theta Lake Integrations


  • Compliant Archive + Archive Connector – WORM compliant archive with third-party archive integrations for voice, video, chat plus rich eDiscovery
  • Supervise large volumes of chat, audio, video recordings; AI automates detection of compliance risks
  • Data Loss Prevention – Detect data leakage in content sharing, desktop sharing, or whiteboarding
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  • Streamline Video Review – Reduce manual review time by up to 4x
  • Script Analysis – Detect risks within script plus identify variances between recorded audio and approved script
  • AI-Assisted Workflow – Automate detection of compliance risks, content routing, and archiving of content
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  • Easily use Theta Lake to capture standalone chat, in-meeting chat, video, audio, and more. Then share it with your existing email archive with options to compliantly retain an archived copy in Theta Lake as well as provide searchable risk analysis insights for your email archive

  • Compatible with journaling for any email archive with advanced x-header search filters

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