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Managing FOIA, Public Records Requests, and Information Archiving for State and Local Government

As state and local governments manage increasingly dispersed work from anywhere employee populations, the need for corresponding capabilities to respond to public records and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests is critical. Complexity is introduced when interactions and data sharing occur over collaboration or audio platforms as well as modern chat platforms. Traditional email archiving systems are not designed to support the dynamic communications from modern chat applications that contain reactions, images, gifs, emojis, attached files, and more. Identifying the right record and supporting content is difficult if legacy processes are unable to detect on these complex communications.

“Setting up Theta Lake’s archive and search with our UC platform was faster and easier than we could have imagined. Being able to capture all aspects of chat messages and all the items within it, search on a host of criteria, and have the system be intelligent enough to understand exactly what we were looking for has definitely solved our requirements and made our jobs easier and more efficient.”

– IS Deputy Director

Satisfy Information Requests Quickly, Easily, and Accurately

Theta Lake Security and Compliance Suite enables capture, archive, search, identification, and preparation of communications across all UC platforms and their respective types (video meetings, audio calls, and chat messages). Customize your search criteria based on what citizens request.


Theta Lake automatically captures and indexes all video, audio call, and chat content ingested into the platform, enabling users to search on meeting type, platform, documents, links, users, screenshare content, etc. and stores it in its SEC, WORM-compliant archive.


Archived content is fully indexed, streamlining and accelerating search capabilities. Users can search based on a variety of criteria to identify the right records and content, including keywords, communication platforms, users, risk detections, file types, dates, etc.


Once records are identified in the Theta Lake platform, exporting the content, remediating it if necessary, and preparing it for delivery to the requestor is quick and easy.

Solutions for All Your Platforms

SSN search for chat, audio, and attachments


Following ingestion of collaboration and chat content, Theta Lake facilitates comprehensive search across what was spoken, shown, and shared in each conversation.  Every aspect of a communication is indexed and available to query—information and applications displayed during screen shares, text typed on native whiteboards, audio portions of meeting discussions, and images or written information shown through webcams.  From a chat perspective, emojis, reactions, animated gifs, and text itself can be searched to respond to records requests.

Criteria for search may include: virtual official meeting details, public officials, licenses, and other relevant PII (such as social security numbers or birthdates).


Chat messages within meetings, groups, or private channels as well as video and audio content creates a large volume of recorded data. Manually reviewing entire conversations that could span multiple participants, time periods, and platforms can extend the time needed to respond to requests.

Introducing automation and AI-based solutions that can parse out relevant content and materials simplifies this process and helps you meet timelines.

Theta Lake leverages secure SOC 2 Type 2 validated cloud storage to dramatically reduce the excessive costs of on-premises or privately hosted, dedicated hardware storage systems.

Chat conversation with reactions
Archive Connector 3rd party options


With an entirely cloud-based platform and over 80+ integrations with collaboration application providers and archives, Theta Lake deployment is quick and easy. Once the respective platforms are connected, ingestion of content is immediate.


Theta Lake’s platform includes capabilities to redact visual and audio data to limit exposure during the review process.  So, for example, organizations can programmatically redact Social Security Numbers, resulting in obfuscated screens where SSNs are displayed or muted audio where SSNs are spoken, to limit visibility among review staff.

Chat remediation capability

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Enabling Efficient and Effective Public Records Responses