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Enabling Chat Collaboration Success

Chat Security and Compliance

Simple and comprehensive compliance (capture, retention, and supervison) for chat communications


Looking for a connector to capture and import chat content (GIFs, reactions, emojis, shared files, links, etc.) into your existing archive?

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It's Time for a Modern Approach to Chat

Collaboration chat applications provide a dynamic way for employees to engage with each other. Failing to manage the business and compliance risks can have far-reaching consequences. Organizations struggle daily with complex supervision, insufficient security controls, and lack of oversight that creates blind spots.


Theta Lake can help.


Accelerate the Full Potential of Your Chat Applications

Theta Lake makes it easy for organizations to mitigate the risks and manage the compliance requirements for successful use of chat collaboration. Our purpose-built solution provides automatic detection of misconduct, security, and data leakage risks across your chat collaboration platforms.
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Gain Situational Awareness of Your Chat Content Risks

Say goodbye to your chat risk blind spots. Theta Lake provides full analysis of chat content to detect security, acceptable use, and compliance risks—across all of your organization’s various chat platforms. Our natural language processing and deep learning analyze embedded chat content in the original context, including all document types, URLs, video files, images, emojis, and more.

Automated Supervision Transforms the Complicated Into the Simple

Theta Lake simplifies chat supervision with a visual workspace and workflow that provides rich context to readily assess what was written and shared. Our solution provides native chat representation so you can see the complete conversation across a timeline that took place over hours, days, and even weeks.

Compliant Chat Storage That Preserves the “Full Picture”

Our platform provides a secure, encrypted, and SEC Rule 17a-4 compliant storage archive for your chat communications that satisfy SOC 2, Type 2, and ISO 27001. With chat components preserved in their original form, such as emojis, shared URLs, and attached videos, Theta Lake makes it easy to securely retain the context of your organization’s chat communications.


For firms, the compliant storage of electronic chat communication must support data growth while controlling costs. A strong solution should provide secure WORM-compliant storage that enables rule-based retention policies with rich eDiscovery and, the ability to apply legal holds. Theta Lake does this for you. 

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Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms