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Smart Capture, Review, and Archiving for Mural

Mural is the only system that offers both a place to collaborate and create dynamic visual content with a frictionless way for teams to learn by doing. Theta Lake seamlessly captures Mural content and provides optional AI-based compliance and archiving with automated risk detection. Theta Lake accelerates whiteboard adoption while improving compliance team productivity and minimizing IT resources.

theta lake and mural compliance integration

Theta Lake and Mural Integration Overview


Organizations face numerous challenges in working with whiteboard content including:

  • A lack of compliance support can lead to reluctance in sanctioning whiteboards, frustrating end users and hampering their productivity
  • Legacy archiving solutions are not capable of capturing dynamic whiteboard content and preserving context and fidelity, making it impossible to ascertain levels of risk or hazard
  • Legacy archiving tools impose strict limits on file sizes and digital whiteboards can be quite large due to their persistent nature

How we Integrate

Seamless integration with Mural captures whiteboards and related content such as text, images and related metadata along with daily snapshots of the entire whiteboard preserving context and fidelity, making review easier for compliance and eDiscovery personnel. You can then route that content to your existing archive. Theta Lake integrates with Veritas Enterprise Vault, Mimecast, Proofpoint, Smarsh, ZL, Microfocus, and many more. Theta Lake enriches the recorded content delivered to your existing archive of record with captured metadata as well as a detailed analysis.

Learn more about our partnership with Mural in our blog.


  • With Theta Lake’s API driven integration, joint customers in regulated industries like financial services can confidently collaborate, create content and virtually brainstorm with the assurance they can compliantly capture, retain, and reproduce complete regulatory records of the whiteboard communications
  • Preserve the context and fidelity of whiteboard content giving compliance personnel the ability to detect risk while being productive
  • Rapidly Integrate Mural whiteboard content into existing archive investments

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms