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Realtime Compliance Advisor

Realtime Compliance Monitoring

Theta Lake Realtime Compliance Advisor provides your users with real-time behavior reinforcement



Video conferencing provides an effective and dynamic way to conduct business and communicate with key stakeholders, however, for regulated industries video conferencing is a primary avenue for compliance risk. That risk has been magnified as firms respond to remote working demands and employees begin using these tools at home for the first time.


Extensive studies on the results of employee awareness training and monitoring oversight show that companies reduce risk exposure, on average, by more than 40%. Theta Lake Realtime Compliance Advisor provides your users with real-time behavior reinforcement, creating the greatest impact in reducing your organization’s compliance risk during collaboration and video conferencing sessions


Simple, Proactive Compliance Coverage

  • Realtime Resources: Approved compliance resources are managed by compliance and legal teams and made available for users during audio, video, chat sessions
  • User Best Practices Reinforcement: Feedback alerts reinforce best practices plus users gain insights into how their behavior benchmarks against peers and what actions they can take to reduce risk through a personal dashboard
  • Extensive Integrations: Natively integrated into leading video conferencing and chat solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more
compliance enablement resources
realtime compliance advisor for zoom

Reduce Risk Conduct

  • Alerts users that your firm has a video monitoring system in place and users actions are being logged when they do something potentially risky
  • Automated reminders on how to reduce compliance risk in video conferencing, such as  using screen sharing (close unnecessary applications) or webcams (virtual background prompt)

Gain Risk Insights

Theta Lake’s Compliance Suite uses patent pending AI and NLP techniques to detect and highlight risks in what is written, shared, and shown in collaborative messaging across over 70+ built-in policies for acceptable use risks, data privacy, and regulatory risks, as well as supporting automated custom detections.


  • Maintains and audit, monitoring, and risk trend report for compliance, legal, and risk teams
  • Video conferencing usage tracking, such as disclaimer usage, screen shares, webcam, and more
  • Protect the organization by logging sharing of disclaimer/disclosures within meetings

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