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VIdeo Compliance

Personalized Video

Maximize your personalized video program with agile compliance supervision.



Personalized videos, including video voicemails, help firms grow their business and attract new customers. And, it’s not surprising why, personalized video has compelling merits that are too good to pass up:


Increase in click-through rates for emails with video


prefer to watch a video to learn about a product
Of course, there’s the compliance piece to consider. Video review and archiving requirements has remained time consuming and created undue complexity for firms. Firms need a purpose-built compliance solution for personalized videos that solves the compliance conundrum and empowers the organization to maximize the ROI on their video programs.

Multiple approval options

Some personalized videos might pose a high compliance risk while others have low or no risk. Your solution should quickly sort out the “good” from the “bad” and let you handle reviews differently for each. For the videos with identified risks, compliance teams want the ability to review and advise on changes before content gets externally distributed.


If firms prefer to review their videos as part of their comprehensive quarterly business review, the solution should automate the detection of high-risk videos and store them in an efficient manner that enables recall and review at a later date. 

Professor using safe and compliant video conference for education
Theta Lake video compliance advisor overview


Personalized videos are most effective when employees can create authentic, real-time, unscripted, and visual content. These elements are also what can make it so challenging to supervise. In addition, FINRA 2020 Exam Priorities included increased focus on messaging apps and tools, which includes personalized sales video and video voicemails tools. Thus, the solution needs to be able to supervise both the audio and visual aspects of personalized, unscripted videos – at scale.

Script Comparison

In cases, where a script has been used, an automated digital script review will let you quickly understand how closely the audio matches your compliance-approved script. This tool can help automate the approval of low-risk videos that match the compliance approved script.

Record-keeping Management

When it comes to audits for personalized video programs, excel spreadsheets and manual tracking of the review workflow won’t cut it. Your compliance solution should automatically create a record of the review and approval, so you consistently have current and accurate records to provide for auditors.

Agile advertising and video review for agile distribution

The world of personalized videos must be fast, allowing users to quickly distribute videos to stay current. This means compliance supervision must be just as agile to quickly review and approve the content, so it can be distributed. Having a solution that automates approval of your low-risk videos while flagging high-risk videos for manual review along with routing the video to appropriate compliance reviewer creates a fast and fluid approval process. This also makes your compliance team more effective in identifying and focusing on the high-risk content.

Comprehensive Capture

A strong personalized video program allows your employees to quickly produce fresh content and distribute it for consumption. To support the compliance piece, agile technology, should make it easy to capture and review the video content. Compliance supervision should integrate with your personalized video platform, right where the content is being produced. This makes it seamless for your employees to produce content with scripts and submit them for automated review, directly from the mobile device or channel they used to create it.


A solution that provides extensive integrations to expand compliance without interruption to your program.

Long-Term Retention

For firms, the compliant storage of video must support data growth while controlling costs. A strong solution should provide secure WORM-compliant storage that enables rule-based retention policies with rich eDiscovery and the ability to search across audio and visual content within the videos.

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms