AI-Based Compliance for Microsoft Teams, OneDrive & Office 365 Archive

Theta Lake is a recognized market leading Azure-based partner for compliance for UCaaS in financial services with multiple unique compliance integrations into Microsoft capabilities across OneDrive, O365 Archive, and Teams to solve the stringent needs of Financial Institutions. 

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Modern digital communications for regulated organizations are expanding rapidly, not only the volume of content but the number of available mediums with the addition of video conferencing, collaboration chat, social video, sales and marketing video to existing legacy communications such as SMS, social media, and audio. Adopting modern digital communications is providing firms with more effective and dynamic ways to engage customers and conduct business, however, it also a primary channel for compliance risk and data leakage. Plus regulated organizations are facing increasing regulatory scrutiny, new privacy rules like GDPR and CCPA along with personal accountability regimes for compliance teams, which means modern digital communications need review, supervision, and audit.

Considering the cost of non-compliance can be up to 2.7 times the cost of compliance, firms have a growing need for efficient surveillance on their rapidly expanding communication channels. Firms should evaluate AI-based compliance tools built for modern digital communications as well as deploy employee awareness training and monitoring oversight solutions, which have helped companies reduce risk exposures, on average, by more than 40%.

With Theta Lake, global financial institutions across Banking, Brokerage, Insurance, Wealth Management, and more can more compliantly deploy more Microsoft UCaaS capabilities, expand supervision coverage for Social Video and other digital communications, as well as increase their usage of Microsoft O365 and Azure environments.

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Analyze OneDrive Content

Theta Lake offers a suite of compliance features to govern all your OneDrive content in one system, covering everything from audio recordings, video conferences, Team chats, marketing & social video, and even marketing materials.

OneDrive content shared across your entire organization can be analyzed for compliance and conduct risks through our native integration. Theta Lake also enables eDiscovery on content shared, shown, and spoken within digital communications. Your organization can now collaborate compliantly with OneDrive + Theta Lake.

Increased Supervision Scale:

Theta Lake enables regulated organizations to supervise, review, and analyze audio and video recordings, social video, Team chats, documents, and much more.

Automated Risk Detection:

Digital content is checked against 40+ pre-built policies to detect regulatory, corporate compliance, and conduct risks within what was said, shown, or shared from OneDrive content

Office 365

Get more out of your O365 archive

Theta Lake helps regulated firms comply with SEC 17a-4 by enabling archival of digital communications (audio recordings, video recordings, threaded chat conversations, shared files, and more) according to your O365 retention policies from your preferred UCaaS vendor (Zoom, RingCentral, Cisco Webex, etc.) and your social and marketing video (Vidyard, Facebook, Vbrick) platforms.

Insights from audio and video recordings such as identified compliance risks, audit trails of compliance reviewer actions, and content meta data are captured in a succinct report that can be sent along with the original recording and transcript to your O365 Archive

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Microsoft Teams

Compliance Recording for Teams Collaboration

Effortlessly unlock the productivity gains from chat collaboration with Microsoft Teams, and be compliant with FINRA, SEC, FCA and other legal and regulatory electronic communication obligations.

Messages and files shared in the chat are saved in their original threaded context. Shared files are captured, retained, and analyzed for risks and applied to the overall chat risk score.

Simplify Coverage

Users are provided direct access to approved disclaimers, disclosures, privacy statements, approved presentations, and more to add directly into their meetings.

Automate Risk Alerts

Users are automatically alerted and reminded to be careful when they take risky actions, such as screen sharing and using webcam.

Reduce Risky Behavior

Reminds users that their actions are being logged when they do something potentially risky.

Gain Risk Insights

Maintains an audit, monitoring, and risk trend report for compliance teams without intruding on meetings.

Teams Supervision

Real-Time Compliance Advisor

Theta Lake Realtime Compliance Advisor is an AI-powered assistant that supports your employees during audio, video, and chat conference sessions with real-time reminders and compliance resources to reduce risk.

Realtime Compliance Advisor helps your organization eliminate risky conduct during video conferences by reinforcing that your organization has a video monitoring program in place.

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