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Compliance Supervision, Archiving, Archive Connector, DLP, and
Integration for Microsoft Teams

Theta Lake unlocks the full benefits of using Microsoft Modern Work Platform by providing the most comprehensive and purpose-built recording, compliance, supervision, and security platform, enabling firms to capture, archive, and supervise shown, shared, spoken, and written Microsoft Teams communications. Theta Lake is a recognized market leading Microsoft partner for security and compliance with robust Microsoft Teams integrations, including Microsoft Teams Meetings, Microsoft Teams Chat, Security and Compliance Center, Realtime Compliance Advisor, OneDrive, Azure, and O365 Archive.

Theta Lake is a Co-Sell Ready Managed partner and a certified Microsoft Call Recording Compliance provider.

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Smart Capture, Review and Archiving for
Microsoft Viva Engage

Microsoft Viva Engage (formerly Yammer) is a widely used digital experience platform designed to help employees feel more connected to their work environment, improve collaboration, and increase productivity.

Theta Lake seamlessly captures Viva Engage content, provides optional AI-based compliance and archiving with automated risk detection. Theta Lake ensures that organizations use Microsoft Viva Engage confidently, securely and compliantly, while improving compliance team productivity and minimizing IT resources.



Recording, archiving, compliance, and risk mitigation
for Microsoft Teams audio, video, chat meetings

Theta Lake’s seven Integration modules for Microsoft Teams are globally available. With customer-driven data center and data residency coverage
in the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia, Theta Lake’s existing Microsoft Teams integration modules now include:

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Providing compliance recording, archiving, and the only full analysis and supervision for video, voice, and chat meeting content. This includes follow-the-user recording enforcement where all chats and meetings can be captured for an organization’s employee—even if the meeting is hosted by an external party who is not an employee of the organization.

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Covering Teams Team Chat, Team Group Chat, and Teams Private, 1:1 chat – providing fully native capture (messages, images/GIFs, reactions, edited/delete messages, files, documents and voice messages), SEC 17a-4 archiving (including third-party email archive integrations), supervision of compliance, acceptable use, data privacy risks, malicious URLs along with actual remediation capabilities. Theta Lake provides a native chat viewer of Microsoft Teams Chat, presenting messages, shared content, images, reactions to understand full context and history.

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Theta Lake’s Archive Connector comprehensively captures all Microsoft Teams chat messages and seamlessly integrates them into an organization’s archive or record-keeping arrangement, retaining the full context of each chat, including all visual images (emojis, reactions, gifs, pictures), links, shared files, and more.


Delivering advanced security configuration validation and enforcement reporting to ensuring the key settings for Teams, like not being able to delete a Teams channel or message, can be set, enforced, and reported on globally for internal and external audit requirements.


Providing real-time compliance coaching and behavior modification tools as well as access to compliance approved resources for employees within live meetings. Plus, enterprise reporting on Teams meeting behaviors.


Allowing compliance teams to capture, compliantly archive, and detect risks in content stored in OneDrive including audio recordings, video recordings, documents, and other content.


Extending beyond simply archiving Teams and other UC platform content from Zoom, Webex, Slack, RingCentral, and more, the integration adds Theta Lake risk and detection insights with reviewer and workflow audit history into the O365 archive with the ability to add views into Theta Lake’s patented review workspace.


Providing the ability to move or archive content and analysis insights for content captured to Azure storage; underlying ability to use Theta Lake deployed completely via Azure with robust security and compliance controls including ‘bring-your-own-encryption-key’ for customers.


Through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner program, Theta Lake joins a select group of ISVs to collaborate and closely align with Microsoft’s sales organization and partners to further expand go-to-market initiatives and the global adoption of Theta Lake’s Compliance and Security Suite running on Azure.

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“Theta Lake’s compliance recording platform enhanced our adoption of Microsoft Teams, which was paramount in keeping our regulated employees productive and engaged with our customers. Theta Lake helped us very quickly implement a full compliance suite to capture and record all aspects of Microsoft Team’s Meetings as well as proactively detect risk in the recordings, enabling our compliance teams to be much more effective and efficient when performing review. Not only are we compliant with MiFID II regulations, but our compliance teams are able to scale with the growing volume of unified communications we are recording.”

Paul JonesHead of Technology, Longview Partners

Quickly Identify Risky Behavior in Microsoft Teams Platforms

Theta Lake identifies potential risks within Microsoft Teams in what is shown, shared, spoken, and written so that compliance teams can quickly prioritize and focus on the areas that could potentially cause harm to the business.

Theta Lake's compliance and security platform integration with Microsoft Teams. Compliance review screen shows a detection of a financial document on screen, file of account numbers shared via chat, email application showed on screen, and journal entry sent to 0365 of a MS Teams chat interaction.
Financial document identified on screen.
Verbal discussion about taking the conversation “offline” could be an indication of potential collusion.
File of account numbers shared via chat.
Online email application inadvertently shown on screen.
Journal entry sent to Microsoft O365 of a Microsoft Teams Chat interaction. Capture content includes attachments, images.

Capabilities and Benefits

Theta Lake’s Security and Compliance Suite goes beyond simple archiving chat, voice, or video with just an accompanying transcript for the audio from the video. It includes the following capabilities which should be considered a bare minimum requirement to help improve compliance and reduce risk:

Record and archive coverage for Microsoft applications - SOC 2, Type 2 with 17a-4, WORM compliant archive

Integrates and captures content for Microsoft Teams Chat, Audio, and Video, Office O365, and OneDrive in a 17a-4-compliant Archive of record.

All Content Analyzed
Ability to analyze and detect risk in all content including detecting risks in images, documents, applications, and desktops shared or shown onscreen as well as risks in chat and voice content across Microsoft applications,
Differential User Group Coverage
Ability to set recording, review workflow, eDiscovery, archiving, and risk detection policies across different user groups, geographies, and compliance or information security use cases.
Email Archive Integration
Support for all industry standard email archives including ZL Technologies, Veritas, Smarsh, Proofpoint, Mimecast, Microsoft O365 Archive, and more.
Instant Search, no SLA Required

Robust search and eDiscovery across hundreds of search filters and free-form text search on voice, text on screen, images, chat, and in-meeting chat along with meeting metadata such as participants, date ranges, etc.

Built-in and Company-specific Risk Detections
Coverage includes 70+ pre-built and deep learning trained risk detections for regulatory, data loss, privacy, and abuse risks in shared, shown, spoken, and typed content.
Teams Configuration Enforcement
Safety COVER® (Configuration Validation and Enforcement Reporting): allows continuous monitoring, alerting and remediation for Microsoft Teams platform security settings.
AI Assisted Review Workspace

Detections and Teams video, voice, and chat communications presented to compliance teams in an easy to navigate, directed, and logged review workspace

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BRIEF: Theta Lake’s Archive Connector for Microsoft Teams Chat

Theta Lake’s Archive Connector comprehensively captures all Microsoft Teams chat messages and seamlessly integrates them into an organization’s archive or record-keeping arrangement, retaining the full context of each chat, including all visual images (emojis, reactions, gifs, pictures), links, shared files, and more.

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BRIEF: Compliance Recording And Risk Detection For Microsoft Team Meetings

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Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms