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Video Email Compliance Review for BombBomb

People prefer video. The BombBomb platform empowers employees to create authentic and engaging video messages for clients and prospects, modernizing communications and transforming business value. 

Regulatory scrutiny and requirements around digital communications drive the need for more accurate review of sales and marketing videos. Compliance teams are tasked with detecting any problematic statements or visuals and ensuring that videos contain appropriate disclaimers and disclosures. Traditionally, this is time intensive and manually burdensome, making the compliance review process expensive and difficult to scale.

Capture every BombBomb email message for automatic risk analysis, compliance review, case management, archiving, and eDiscovery.

BombBomb Integration with Theta Lake

Theta Lake and BombBomb Integration Overview


Regulated industries such as banking, insurance, real estate and others are subject to requirements around retention and supervision of advertising content and electronic communications. 

Typically, responding to compliance requests with legacy solutions is manual, making the process expensive, time intensive, and difficult to scale. In fact, reports show that the common approach of manually reviewing video can take 2.5X the time of the video itself, having a significant impact on the ROI of video programs and reducing the compliance review team’s productivity.

The Integration

Compliance for Sales and Marketing Videos



Capture all recorded videos and deployed email messages by the BombBomb platform in our compliance suite.


Leverage AI for risk detection, workflow automation, and script comparisons, to enable more efficient review.


Identify data leakage of PII, Intellectual Property, or other confidential information.


Rule-based policies for long-term retention, legal holds, and eDiscovery across
BombBomb videos.


Theta Lake Use Cases for BombBomb

Improved ROI on Video Projects, Saves Time and Money on Compliance

  • Increased Supervision Throughput – AI becomes the first line of review, surfacing high-risk content that requires manual review and automating review and approvals of low-risk content. 
  • Time-saving Workflow – AI drives review activity for non-technical reviewers to more easily, efficiently, and consistently deal with recording supervision
  • Transcript Supervision – Run scripts through policy checks, along with comparing video to approved script to ensure adherence

Top Line

  • Expand Video Use Cases – With compliance solved, integrate BombBomb videos into more external facing communications that require retention and supervision

Improved Compliance,
Reduced Risk

  • Automated Risk Prioritization and Detection – Spend resource and effort on recordings with identified risks in audio and visual content based on 80 built-in policies powered by NLP and ML, increasing compliance’s ability to identify non-compliant content in BombBomb videos
Theta Lake and BombBomb

Our Integration Provides

Automated Risk Detection

80+ built-in policies flag corporate, regulatory, acceptable use risks


Voice and visual content is reviewable and searchable

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and natural language processing are finely tuned to detect risk in voice, visual, and text-based content

Smart Workflow

Streamline the review process to identify and route non-compliant content directly to review teams

Write Once Read Many

All content is stored in Theta Lake’s SEC 17a-4 WORM compliant archive for customizable, long-term retention

Top 5 built-in policies that are most meaningful to financial services organizations

  • Promissory statements, implied performance, or self promotion risks
  • Offensive or contentious images shown on camera or on-screen
  • Personal Identification Information (PII) or Confidential information spoken, shown, or shared on-screen
  • Financial logos
  • Validating the presence of disclosures/disclaimers

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms