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Capture All Your Box
Electronic Communications

Theta Lake’s Security and Compliance Suite provides full capture, retention, and supervision for Box electronic communications, including comments, tasks, and annotations with documents. Theta Lake also has extensive integrations into third-party archiving and eDiscovery systems, enabling firms to leverage their existing archive of record to retain Box eComms.

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Experience the Advantages

Work from Anywhere has created a new challenge for security and compliance teams managing collaboration platforms as regulators expand the scope of existing regulations, SEC Rule 17a-4, for business preservation and supervision requirements along with realizing that these channels are the most susceptible to risky/non-compliant behavior and oversharing of sensitive information. Theta Lake unlocks the benefits of full-featured collaboration within files and documents shared in Box by capturing comments, tasks, and annotations.

17a-4, WORM Archiving & eDiscovery

  • Full capture, SEC 17a-4 WORM archiving, legal-hold of comments, tasks, and annotations on documents
  • Native chat viewer, not just a threaded history of email formatted messages
  • eDiscovery across eComms and metadata captured

Third Party Archive Integrations

  • Extensive integrations into other email archiving solutions, including Veritas Enterprise Vault, Microfocus, Global Relay, ZL Technologies, Smarsh, Proofpoint, and more
  • Integrations with cloud data storage systems, including Azure and AWS

Improve Compliance, Reduce Risk

  • Automated Risk Prioritization & Detection: 75+ built-in + custom policies using NLP & ML automate regulatory, compliance, data security, and acceptable use risk detections
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Theta Lake Use Cases for Box

Archiving, Retention, and eDiscovery for Box Electronic Communications

Theta Lake enables compliance, legal, and risk teams to securely capture, retain, retrieve, and review fully threaded comments, tasks, and annotations within documents shared in Box. Enabling firms to enable these core collaboration features and remain compliant with regulatory obligations to archive the communications.

Enterprise-class search, reporting, and case management features ease the burden of managing messaging records and simplify legal hold requests.

Automating Risk Detection and Review

Powered by deep learning and AI, Theta Lake automatically detects misconduct, data security, acceptable use, regulatory, and compliance risks, pointing reviewers to an exact piece of content that requires further investigation.

Firms can also leverage their existing supervision tools in place for email by journaling a copy of the messages to their archive of record.

How it Works

Theta Lake natively integrates with Box to capture all comments, tasks, and annotations
Theta Lake indexes and automatically analyzes electronic communications against chosen compliance policies, assigns a risk score, and routes high-risk content to compliance reviewers to take action
Firms can apply rule-based retention policies in Theta Lake’s WORM compliant archive as well as journal the content to their existing archive of record

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms