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CellTrust SL2™ Mobile Messaging Compliance

Theta Lake offers turn-key archiving, compliance, surveillance, and data security for CellTrust SL2 mobile channels, including WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp Voice, SMS, secure messages, phone calls and voicemails. We comprehensively capture and archive all messages, shared content, and voice recordings within Theta Lake’s SEC 17a-4 compliant archive or you can leverage your existing archive investments while also preserving the full context of communications, including all visual images (emojis, reactions, gifs, pictures), links, shared files, and more.

Theta Lake and CellTrust

Theta Lake and CellTrust SL2
Integration Overview



Mobile messaging channels like SMS and WhatsApp make it easy for colleagues and clients to communicate. With real-time communication, stronger engagement, and better client satisfaction their usage has skyrocketed in remote and hybrid environments. However, the growing use of mobile applications for business communications is facing intense regulatory scrutiny. Financial services organizations for example need to be able to evidence compliance with retention and supervision rules including MiFID II, FINRA Rule 3110, FCA SYSC or SEC 17a-4 Books and Records. All organizations need to ensure confidential, personal or health data is kept secure.

Experience the Advantages

  • Purpose-built archiving and compliance suite for modern communications, including the ability to archive and render content in native format
  • Capture and display messages, images, emojis, audio, video, and other rich media in line
  • Secure and compliant archive supporting ‘bring-your-own’ encryption keys with no additional or hidden storage costs
  • Extensive integrations with your existing archive investments 
  • Information barriers to detect communications across restricted groups, protecting ethical walls
  • AI and NLP-based risk detection in messages, images, documents, files, voice, and more
  • Identify potential data loss within messages and files shared across mobile channels
  • 100+ direct API integrations to leading unified communication, mobile, voice recording, video, social, and email platforms to unify recorded content

Theta Lake Use Cases for CellTrust

Archiving, Retention & eDiscovery

Theta Lake enables compliance, legal, and risk teams to securely capture, retain, retrieve, and review fully threaded messages across WhatsApp and mobile messaging.

Conversations are saved in their original threaded context. Plus, shared files and rich media are archived based on retention policies, enabling you to readily comply with SEC Rule 17a-4 data retention and other governance requirements. Enterprise-class search, reporting, and legal-hold case management ease the burden of responding to governance events like audits, investigations, and litigation.

Data Loss Protection

Unlock the power of WhatsApp and mobile collaboration without jeopardizing confidential client and company information. Theta Lake detects the sharing of PII and confidential information, not only in the messages but also within any content that was shared from files, documents, to even audio and video recordings. 

Theta Lake surfaces data leakage detections in an AI-assisted workflow to enable compliance teams to be more efficient and effective in their review and mitigation of risky content.

Automating Communication
Surveillance & Review

Theta Lake’s solution analyzes any form of shared content, including messages, images, files, audio, and video, to identify potential data loss or compliance risks and streamline review through an AI-assisted workflow. 

Powered by deep learning and AI, Theta Lake provides access to 90+ built-in policies to automatically detect confidential data, risky behavior, and compliance risks along with providing the ability to create custom, company-specific policies.

Security and Compliance for
Modern Collaboration Platforms