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Archiving, Compliance, Surveillance, and Data Security for Dialpad

Dialpad provides an AI-powered unified business communications platform across Meetings, Phone Systems, and Contact Center. Now with Theta Lake, Dialpad can offer their customers in regulated industries turn-key archiving, compliance, surveillance, and data security for Dialpad SMS and Voice call recordings.

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Theta Lake and Dialpad Integration Overview


Dialpad review screen
  • The necessary compliance solutions to archive Voice and SMS conversations are few and lacking in feature support as companies adopt unified solutions like Dialpad
  • Regulations across industries such as healthcare force businesses to juggle between supporting productivity and remaining compliant
  • Mobile messaging regulations require the archiving of all content including texts, emojis, and GIFs, while regulations around Voice communications require the supervision of content including disclaimers and risks
  • IT/Collaboration teams seek to support existing infrastructure with less complexity as they adopt new applications

How we Integrate


Securely capture, supervise, and archive call recordings and SMS communications with Theta Lake and Dialpad


Analyze shared content such as text, images, GIFs, and emojis to identify data loss or compliance risks and streamline review through an AI-assisted workflow


90+ built-in policies to detect confidential data, risky behavior, and compliance risks with the option to create custom company-specific policies


Fully threaded SMS messages displayed and searchable in native format, including images and emojis


Flexible storage with Integration into third-party archives, AWS and Azure encryption key storage or “Bring Your Own”

Dialpad review screen


Dialpad review screen
  • Fully leverage existing architecture and resources 
  • Assurance that all channels are monitored and there are no gaps, with a unified view of all user communications
  • Compliance reviewers spend less time reviewing messages, which expedites decision-making concerning infractions and quicker responses to information requests 
  • Reduced IT complexity by avoiding “one-off” solutions for individual content types and rigorous maintenance

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms