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Monitor Facebook videos
for compliance and
policy risks

Theta Lake enables compliance to be more efficient and effective in review and pre-approval processes of videos so marketing teams can continue focus on creating great content.

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SEC, FINRA and other regulators are requiring the review of an ever-expanding list of content types. Each new communication channel added to the supervision workload, and the sheer volume of content and necessary time required to monitor rich content like video is growing.

With harsher penalties for noncompliance and marketing teams pressing for quicker approval turnarounds, compliance teams don’t have the bandwidth or tools to keep pace with the volume and ever-changing regulation changes.


Solve compliance issues for social media videos

Supervision Controls

Integrating Facebook enables compliance teams to have increased visibility into marketing videos for review approval.

Streamline Review

Customizable workflows can alert and assign videos that require human followup, resulting quicker review turnarounds.

Automated Risk Detection

Artificial Intelligence analyzes what is shown and said to assess risks based on 70+ regulatory and corporate compliance policies.

Secure, Compliant Archiving

Apply retention rules to post-reviewed videos, along with complete audit trail to track risk remediation efforts

Facebook video compliance review
Record Videos at Scale

Meet regulatory, eDiscovery requirements for social video

Theta Lake offers a simple, comprehensive solution to enable you to confidently meet compliance obligations, reduce employee resources, and lower costs associated with video marketing review processes.

Our compliance suite combines advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to transform traditionally manual processes of record management into a systematic review which only flags videos that merit human review followup.


Save Time and Resources

More Efficient Supervision

Review 100% of unified communication content, plus workflow insights and automation add consistency for non-technical reviewers. Improved Compliance for Reducing Risk.

Automated Risk Prioritization and Detection

Spend resources and manual review efforts on recordings with identified risks based on 70+ built-in policies powered by natural language processing and machine learning.

Expand use of Facebook Video

With compliance solved, expand video marketing usage to additional external-facing communications that require retention and supervision.

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms