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Call Recording Supervision + Review for Fuze Call Recordings

Call recording regulations, such as Dodd- Frank, PCI-DSS, and MiFID II, introduce new requirements and accountability for your business preservation and supervision of call recordings. In addition, firms are increasingly demanding better insights from their call recordings to identify employee misconduct, quality control, flag compliance risks, or alert on offensive behavior.

Theta Lake’s AI-powered compliance suite provides risk management, compliance, and archiving for Fuze recordings, making call recording review easier, faster, and more accurate.



The volume of call recordings being captured, archived, and supervised for regulatory requirements or quality assurance is growing. Organizations don’t have the toolset to efficiently and affordably perform compliance review, supervision, and audit on large volumes of Fuze recording. Current approaches have been inadequate, including: 

  • Manual review on random samples – Lacks scale and efficacy, costly
  • Transcription with search tools – Lacks accuracy, takes too much time, costly

Simplify Compliance Review with AI Intelligence

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Capture and long-term retention of voice communications in Theta Lake’s SEC 17a-4, WORM-compliant archive


Robust search capabilities across 100+ filters along with keyword search across audio transcripts

Legal-hold Case Management

Manage legal holds for recordings based on auditor or legal requests with easy export of raw data


Identify misconduct, malicious behavior, or any behavior not consistent with corporate policy or regulations

Theta Lake's Compliance Suite review screen and a fuze integration window

Automated Risk Detection

Theta Lake is powered by natural language processing and deep learning. Pre-built policies automatically detect regulatory, conduct, and corporate compliance risks within Fuze voice recordings. Easily create custom, company-specific policies with implementation into Theta Lake’s machine learning environment.

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Drive Review Efficiency with Risk Prioritization

  • Spend resource and effort on recordings with clearly identified and prioritized risk versus searching raw transcripts with limited keywords or phrases to enable remediation of risks that pose a threat to the organization.

Streamline Review Workflow

  • AI-powered workflow provides a streamlined, high-quality review process that is directed, easy, and consistent.
Theta Lake's Compliance Suite review screen overview with collaboration content taken from Fuze

Store, Manage, and Retrieve Fuze Communications

Theta Lake provides secure, encrypted, WORM-compliant storage in SOC 2 Type II certified data centers designed specifically for unified communications

  • Seamless capture of Fuze call recordings with full archive policy management
  • Easy access, viewing, and search across metadata and within the content of voice recordings* 
  • Detailed, audit-friendly reports to provide full picture and context of call content and review status

* Chat capture and review is on the roadmap

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms