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Capture Video Recordings for Regulatory Supervision  


Theta Lake captures GoToMeeting video and audio recordings to help streamline compliance supervision programs. Our AI-based compliance suite analyzes content for potential regulatory or corporate risks in what is shown, shared, and spoken. 

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With increased regulatory scrutiny and pressure to supervise more, richer content, providing effective communication compliance is challenging. With content fragmented across different channels, compliance teams must make sure new ways of communication like video is appropriately assessed, retained, and governed. If not accounted for, conferencing platforms like LogMeIn can create additional risk and legal concerns around data leakage and misconduct.

Reviewers need seamless, full visibility into enterprise communications and the ability to easily manage compliance, retention and legal holds in one place. Theta Lake’s captures GoToMeeting content (includes screenshares, video conferences, conference calls) to provide a new level of insight into e-communications.


Collaboration Compliance for Modern Communications


Theta Lake ingests GoToMeeting video and audio recordings to provide a holistic, centralized platform for compliance supervision.

Better Insight

Recordings are processed through AI and Machine Learning to provide richer insights- from transcribing audio to marking events in a video timeline.

Data Leakage Detection

Identify leakage of PII, Intellectual Property, or other confidential information

Compliant Archive

Create policy-based retention rules to preserve content in accordance to specific regulatory requirements. 

GoToMeeting by LogMeIn video meeting
Record Meetings at Scale

Reduce compliance risk

Theta Lake transforms manual compliance processes to become digital and automated. Reviewers no longer have to spend hours hunting for information, improving productivity.

As collaboration across enterprises becomes seamless, Theta Lake’s integration with GoToMeeting makes compliance coverage for video meetings and conference calls simple.  Leveraging the latest machine learning technologies, our goal is to provide the right tools to scale compliance, generate richer insights, as well as save your team time and money.


Save Time and Resources

More Efficient Supervision

Review 100% of unified communication content, plus workflow insights and automation add consistency for non-technical reviewers. Improved Compliance for Reducing Risk.

Automated Risk Prioritization and Detection

Spend resources and manual review efforts on recordings with identified risks based on 70+ built-in policies powered by natural language processing and machine learning.

Expand use of GoToMeeting

With compliance solved, expand GoToMeeting usage to additional external-facing communications that require retention and supervision.

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms