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Compliance Recording, Risk Management, + Archiving for Microsoft Teams Meetings


Microsoft Teams is experiencing unprecedented growth, eclipsing 145 million daily active users with over 90% of the Fortune 500. As organizations continue shifting their core business communications, many are subject to regulatory requirements for recording, archiving, and supervising Microsoft Teams communications.

Theta Lake provides an AI-based, purpose-built compliance and risk management suite for recording, retention, deep supervision, and risk detection for Microsoft Teams meetings, helping firms scale their security and regulatory compliance across video, voice, chat, and more.

Dealing with the increase in communication over video creates additional compliance, risk, and legal concerns such as sharing PII; sharing the wrong data with the wrong person; making promissory statements or misleading claims; failing to provide appropriate disclosures in meetings; behaving abusively; and more. Microsoft Teams + Theta Lake streamlines compliance recording, archiving, and supervision of video communications to identify and address risks.


Theta Lake Provides the Broadest Set of Compliance and Security Risk Reduction in the market today across three unique and integrated areas:


Recording, Archiving, and eDiscovery of Teams Audio and Video calls and meetings


Risk analysis and automated supervision to increase the efficiency of video review


Real-time end-user compliance coaching with enterprise risk activity alerting and reporting


Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording

Theta Lake provides secure, robust recording capabilities, enabling regulated firms to meet recordkeeping, reporting, and supervision requirements while letting organizations in all industries address security, conduct, and legal requirements inside of Teams communications.

  • Comprehensive Capture: Coverage for all Teams communication channels, including voice, all chat conversations (aka Teams team chats, group chats, and one-on-one chats), and video meetings (audio, screen share, webcam) including real-time meeting activity reporting and alerting
  • SEC 17A-4 Archiving: SOC2 Type II certified Azure data center across geographical regions to meet data residency requirements.
  • Easy Search and Retrieval: Search across 100+ parameters to retrieve Teams communications, including metadata and within communications (audio and text within video) and specific risks within those communications
  • Legal Hold Case Management: Manage legal discovery cases and legal hold requests
  • 3rd Party Archive & eDiscovery Integration: Use Theta Lake’s deep analysis and broad media coverage to analyze recordings from other capture and archive systems and / or send data captured and analyzed from Theta Lake to other archive and eDiscovery systems

Industry’s First Supervision for Video Meetings - Voice + Visual Content

Augment human review with ML and NLP risk detections and scoring to improve scale, efficacy, and coverage without compromising human judgment.

  • 50+ built-in policies powered by Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning automate the detection of regulatory, safety, cybersecurity, compliance, and acceptable use risks across what was said, shown, and shared in meetings
  • Ability to create custom detection rules for company-specific policies
  • Ability to search using any keywords or existing lexicons while also using Theta Lake detections
  • Detect leakage of sensitive or confidential information shared in meetings
  • Identified compliance risks powers risk scoring, enabling compliance teams to focus review efforts on high-risk content and remediate more organizational risk
  • Feature-rich video player for easy review, including accelerated playback, video thumbnails, full workspace for review annotation/comments 
realtime compliance advisor for zoom

Proactive Risk Reduction, Compliance Coaching, and Security

Realtime guidance, coaching, and behavior reinforcement that reduces risky behavior and compliance issues during audio, video, and chat collaboration sessions

Users receive feedback alerts during meetings to reinforce best practices along with having access to approved compliance resources within audio, video, or chat sessions which are managed and version controlled by compliance and legal teams

Theta Lake offers best practice policy recommendations for Microsoft Teams security settings, such as use of meeting passwords and waiting rooms, and then monitors to ensure that these rules are not changed or disabled.

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