Archiving, eDiscovery + Supervision for Cisco Webex Teams


Purpose-built compliance and supervision suite for modern collaboration chat. AI-based compliance for capture, 17a-4 compliant archiving, eDiscovery, supervision, and data leakage detection for Webex Teams messages and content shared.

In response to remote working needs and emergency response plans, Theta Lake is offering 3 months free of our Compliance and Supervision Suite for Webex Teams

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Free Compliant Collaboration Archive (CCA) + eDiscovery

For firms needing access to SEC 17a-4 compliant archive, Theta Lake is offering a FREE archiving module of its supervision suite, which includes:

  • 500 GB of free storage with simple storage add-ons, available for both Webex Teams and Webex Meetings
  • 17a-4 compliant storage hosted in a secure SOC2 Type 2 certified data center designed specifically for collaboration platform archiving
  • Full archive retention policy management for any storage duration
  • Metadata search with full playback and viewing for voice, video, and text communications
  • Simple, click-through upgrades for full supervision, individual recording supervision, data export, and additional storage
webex teams chat archiving


With the recent increased need to facilitate remote-work, quarantine, and emergency response business plans from Covid-19, modern collaboration tools can literally save the day, however, compliance coverage and contingency plans are facing real challenges. This shouldn’t reduce compliance and increase risk nor should it raise complexity and expense for organizations to meet SEC, FINRA, MiFID II, and related requirements. 

With Theta Lake’s Compliant Collaboration Archive module, archiving video, voice, chat, and file content from collaboration platforms is straightforward and cost-effective. It natively integrates with Webex Teams to automatically capture and archive communications.


Compliance Intelligence for Cisco Webex Teams and Webex Meetings

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Meet electronic communication preservation requirements through seamless capture of Webex Teams conversations and Webex Meetings recordings in a centralized hub.


Webex Teams messages and content shared are stored in SOC2 Type 2, WORM compliant archive


Search across metadata (participants, dates) and within shared content (files, audio, video)


AI-based technology reviews 100% of Webex Teams content for compliance risks using 50+ detections.

Access to Full AI-based Compliance and Supervision Suite

  • Supervision at scale, 50+ deep learning-based policies to automate the detection of regulatory, corporate compliance, and conduct risks plus the ability to create custom detection rules
  • Data Leakage Detection detects the sharing of confidential information or PII
  • Enhanced eDiscovery within the content of chat messages as well as the audio, visual, and text of video recordings, voice calls, documents, and more
  • Time-saving Workflow – AI drives review activity for non-technical reviewers to more easily, efficiently, and consistently deal with compliance supervision
  • Time-saving Reports – Detailed reports of digital content, identified risks, and workflow actions on the recordings and digital content, give managers and auditors a clear understanding without having re-review

Integrate. Classify. Supervise.

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