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Video Compliance for Vbrick Rev


Theta Lake streamlines the marketing video compliance review process so compliance teams can be more efficient and effective during video review and your organization can increase the ROI of your video programs.



Digital Transformation has continued to be an area of focus for regulated organizations, looking to transform the relationships with their customers by communicating with them over their preferred channels. Based on the facts that 85% of people say they would like to see more video from brands and 87% of firms have seen a positive ROI from video marketing, the volume of video content being generated is skyrocketing.

However, regulated organizations are subject to regulations around retention and supervision of advertising content and electronic communications. Creating a compliance plan for review, retention, and governance is crucial for businesses that have already invested in video marketing.


Compliance for Sales and Marketing Videos

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Centralize all Vbrick marketing videos and webinars for review to reduce time-wasting info gathering searches.


Leverage AI for risk detection, workflow automation, and script comparisons, to enable more efficient review.


Identify data leakage of PII, Intellectual Property, or other confidential information.

17a-4 Data Retention

Control retention policies, legal holds, and eDiscovery according to SEC Rule 17a-4 regulatory requirements.

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Compliance Management

Automated Risk Prioritization and Detection

NLP and deep learning power 70+ built-in policies to automate the detection of conduct, regulatory, and corporate compliance risks. Videos that identify as high-risk content requiring manual review can trigger a workflow automation to assign to a Theta Lake user.

Comply with GDPR Privacy

Identify participants within video content to comply with Data Subject Rights and Right to be Forgotten provisions of GDPR.

Theta Lake’s patent-pending True ParticipantID feature uses facial recognition to identify people within visual content, and can associate the same participant across all videos in our system.


Simplify How You Work

Governance of Marketing Videos

Create workflows to restrict the distribution of video content without appropriate compliance approvals in place.

Gain fully visibility into the review stages of Vbrick videos, while keeping your information secure and your team productive. Workflows ensure every video requiring compliance review is assigned and the right people are working on the right content.

Smart Data Retention

Set rule-based policies for long-term retention, legal holds, and eDiscovery that meet your organization’s archiving requirements.

By connecting directly with Vbrick, Theta Lake preserves not only the video or webinar, but also all related metadata for each file. Each data collection comes with audit logs for extra defensibility.

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Theta Lake collects, centralizes, and preserves Vbrick video content for better compliance risk assessment.

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Why Companies use Theta Lake

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Generate Business Insights

The context of what is shown or said must be audited for compliance risk together. Theta Lake leverages machine learning and natural language processing to detect possible compliance risks within the visual and audio of every video.

Automate Manual Processes

Since reviewing video content has remained a manual process by compliance teams, there is an increasing burden placed on compliance groups as the volume of video continues to grow. Using Artificial Intelligence and customizable workflows, Theta Lake automatically ingests Vbrick content, assess it for risks, and alerts compliance teams when videos require human review.

Business Process Efficiency

Finding the right technology fit can mean retiring outdated, expensive services and streamlining business processes by automating repetitive, yet essential, steps for compliance review.

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