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Compliance Review Solution for Vidyard videos

Directed and personalized sales videos are a leading approach to personalizing communications to key stakeholders, creating an authentic approach to interacting with clients and providing a faster and more direct path to building trust. However, the increase in regulatory scrutiny and requirements for retention and supervision of communications with clients have made adoption of new digital communications hard to execute for resource-constrained firms.

Theta Lake provides AI-based compliance and archiving for Vidyard and Vidyard for Sales with automated risk detection for shown, shared, or spoken content for both Vidyard Shared Folders and Vidyard Personal Folders. 

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Regulated industries such as banking, real estate, finance, insurance, and others have been dealing with an increasing number of regulations. Rules covering data, disclosures, and privacy– such as SEC 17a-4, EU MiFID II, and FTC’s Truth In Advertising –are being added on top of regulations designed to protect investors and to monitor financial institutions — such as FINRA and FFIEC. All this driving more accountability in supervising video content.

Legacy compliance processes have been typically based on manual efforts, making compliance expensive, time intensive, and difficult to scale. In fact, reports show that the common approach of manually reviewing video can take 2.5x the time of the video itself, having a significant impact on the ROI of video programs.


Compliance Intelligence for Vidyard

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Enable business to reap benefits of Vidyard for Sales while maintaining compliance and supervision controls.


AI-drives risk detection, workflow insights and automation, and script comparisons, all enabling more efficient review.


Identify data leakage of PII, Intellectual Property, or other confidential information.


Rule-based policies for long-term retention, legal holds, and eDiscovery across Vidyard videos.

increase email open rates from sales videos
Costs of non-compliance are 2.7x higher
ROI firms experience on video marketing
Theta Lake can reduce review times by four times

Complete, Secure Supervision of Marketing + Sales Videos

Theta Lake provides an AI-based compliance suite for personalized sales and marketing videos that solves the compliance conundrum and empowers you to achieve maximum ROI from your video programs. We help you eliminate the complexity of video marketing review and retention, improve your resource scale, and streamline compliance workflow.

These capabilities enable firms to selectively review Vidyard video content, bringing significant efficiencies to customers who are increasingly using video and asynchronous video to drive top line growth and improve customer acquisition and success.

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Automated Risk Prioritization and Detection

  • Spend resource and effort on recordings with identified risks in audio and visual content based on 70+ built-in policies powered by NLP and ML, increasing compliance’s ability to identify non-compliant content in Vidyard videos.

Secure, Compliant Archive

  • Apply rule-based retention policies plus legal holds to store videos in a WORM compliant archive, with the ability to perform rich eDiscovery.

Vidyard + Theta Lake = Compliance Made Easy

Streamline compliance and increase reviewer productivity
video workflows and policies

Save Time, Save Money

  • Time-Saving Workflow: AI drives review activity for non-technical reviewers to more easily, efficiently, and consistently deal with recording supervision.
  • Transcript Supervision: Run scripts through policy checks, along with comparing video to approved script to ensure adherence.

Improved Top Line

  • Increased Supervision Throughput: AI becomes the first line of review, surfacing high-risk content that requires manual review and automating review and approvals of low-risk content.
  • Expand Use of Video: With compliance solved, integrate Vidyard videos into more external facing communications that require retention and supervision.

Video Marketing Compliance

Theta Lake provides a full solution for compliance review of marketing videos that automates script review, compares scripts to video content, detects risks in content, and provides compliant video archiving with retention

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