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Capture all Your Slack
Business Communications


Theta Lake offers an enterprise-grade compliance solution for Slack. Capture not just 1:1, team, and channel instant messages, but documents, images, and any other rich media shared across your entire organization. Comprehensively capture all chat messages and seamlessly integrates them into your archive, retaining the full context of each chat, including all visual images (emojis, reactions, gifs, pictures), links, shared files, and more with the Theta Lake Chat Archive Connector.



Though businesses are changing faster than ever, the compliance technology many of them use hasn’t caught up. Most organizations still manage a majority of their business communications using archiving, compliance, and security tools that were built for email and are disconnected from how people communicate over modern collaborations tools

Theta Lake seamlessly and securely brings communication information and applications together for better supervision and retention. Theta Lake offers an end-to-end compliance solution for Slack chat content – helping businesses increase supervision transparency, improve recordkeeping processes and meet complex regulations.

Theta Lake also offers an archive connector that captures all Slack content in context and adds it to your existing archive. Download our solution overview to learn more.


Compliance Intelligence for Slack

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Review conversations in context with fully threaded messages and file archiving from 1:1 and group channels


Customizable workflows assign high-risk content to compliance team members to efficiently review and take action on compliance risks


Identify data leakage of sensitive or confidential information within the message or shared content


Customizable retention policies with ability to apply legal holds In Theta Lake’s secure, WORM compliant archive

Slack chat between to colleagues regarding credit card information and most recent invoice for an account.

Modernize Compliance for Today's Digital Workplace

Slack messages along with content shared (presentations, documents, files) are captured and stored with rule-based retention policies in Theta Lake’s secure archive. 

Utilize AI, ML, and NLP to inspect and analyze Slack content for regulatory risks. Compliance team members are notified if potential risks or sensitive data are discovered within Slack chats.

Theta Lake automates manual processes, providing an AI-assisted workflow so compliance reviewers no longer have to spend hours each day hunting for information. In addition to Slack communications, Theta Lake can connect to your audio or video communication systems to expand compliance coverage by automated capture, retention, and analysis, enabling proper supervision across your entire extended enterprise communications.

Simplify Compliance Complexity

While collaboration platforms have created immense value for businesses, it’s easy for compliance to get lost in the sprawl of content. With Theta Lake, you’re assured all conversation histories are stored in one place for easy archiving, search and retrieval.

How does it work?

  • Integrate: Continuously monitor sensitive data that is flowing in and out of files & messages in Slack.
  • Classify: Empower your security team with intelligent detection. Theta Lake analyzes risks across the dimensions of what was said, shown, and shared.
  • Supervise: AI-assisted workflow aids consistent, and efficient review of digital communications.  Escalate high-risk content to alert to compliance reviewers  to followup, or send low-risk content directly to your archive.  Automate the repetitive parts of the process – allowing workers to focus on high-risk issues.
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Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms

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