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Archiving and Risk Management for BlueJeans Video Conferences


Theta Lake captures BlueJeans video and audio recordings to help streamline compliance archiving, data leakage detection, and risk management programs. Our AI-based compliance suite analyzes all aspects of BlueJeans recordings potential regulatory or acceptable use risks including audio, screen share, webcam, and virtual whiteboard content.

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Regulated firms are subject to a growing number of regulations including MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, SEC 17a-4, that require recording and supervision of audio and electronic communications present in BlueJeans communications. In addition, dealing with the increase in communication over video creates additional compliance, risk, and legal concerns such as sharing PII; sharing the wrong data with the wrong person; making promissory statements or misleading claims; failing to provide appropriate disclosures in meetings; behaving abusively; and more.


Compliance teams must make sure new ways of communication like video are appropriately assessed, retained, and governed. Reviewers need seamless, full visibility into enterprise communications and the ability to easily manage compliance, retention, and surveillance in one place. Theta Lake’s captures and stores BlueJeans captures screenshares, video conferences, and conference calls to provide a new level of insight into e-communications.


Ensure Compliance for BlueJeans Video Collaboration

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Theta Lake ingests BlueJeans video and audio recordings to provide a holistic, centralized platform for SEC 17a-4 archiving


Search on meeting metadata and across spoken, shown, or shared content

AI Analysis

Recordings are analyzed using AI, ML, and NLP to provide richer insights by transcribing audio and text on screen to enable risk detection and rich eDiscovery

Data Leakage Prevention

Identify leakage of PII, Intellectual Property, or other confidential information

Risk Management

Analyze Video Communications for Regulatory Risk

Augment human review with ML and NLP risk detections and scoring to improve scale, efficacy, and coverage without compromising human judgment.

  • Feature-rich video player for easy review, including accelerated playback, video thumbnails, full workspace for review annotation/comments
  • 70+ deep-learning-based policies automate the detection of regulatory, safety, compliance, and acceptable use risks across what was said, shown, and shared in meetings
  • Ability to create custom rules for company specific risks

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