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Compliance Supervision
for Unified Communications


Theta Lake helps firms comply with SEC 17a-4, MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, and other regulatory requirements by enabling full capture, retention, and automated risk identification for anything shared, shown, spoken, or typed in Zoom Phone, Zoom Meetings, Zoom Chat, Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, Slack, RingCentral Office, Microsoft Teams (Chat, Calls, and Meetings), LogMeIn, BlueJeans, and many more.

Mimecast Cloud Archive customers can now maintain a single cloud repository for all communication mediums, including email, audio, video, collaboration chat with the ability to intelligently supervise collaboration communications for risk.

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Companies are adopting new technologies in response to remote working demands from COVID-19 at an unprecedented rate, Microsoft Teams has increased from 32MM to 75MM daily active users and Zoom has seen daily meeting participants increase from 10MM to 300MM within 2020. As organizations integrate videoconferencing, collaboration chat, and voice applications to their core business communication infrastructure, governance requirements do not go away, and organizations must adapt to intelligently capture, retain, and supervise large volumes of rich media content.

Adopting modern digital communications is providing firms with more effective and dynamic ways to engage customers and conduct business, however, it also a primary channel for compliance risk and data leakage. Plus, with the introduction of media-rich collaboration platforms, like video conferencing, organizations have found that using their traditional archive platform for these new Unified Communication mediums is often substandard because they were predominantly designed for email. Firms need an archiving, eDiscovery, and risk management solution capable of handling all types of digital communications, including email, audio, video, IM, and collaboration chat.

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Data Preservation

Comprehensive Capture, Long-term Retention, and eDiscovery

Capture and archive video, collaboration chat, and audio from Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, Slack, RingCentral Office, Microsoft Teams (Chat, Calls, and Meetings), Zoom Phone, Zoom Meetings, Zoom Chat, LogMeIn, BlueJeans, and many more.

    • Archive Unified Communications in Mimecast Cloud Archive along with existing email content
    • Meet SEC 17a-4 retention requirements 
    • Create saved searches in Mimecast to easily surface important content for review. Search across UC content metadata, along with transcripts, risk scores, types of risks that were automatically identified in the content, and more.
Risk Management

Proactive Risk Management
and Supervision

Review video, audio, and collaboration chat in its native form. Plus, a purpose-built compliance media player assists compliance teams when performing review.

    • Analyze all content against regulatory, corporate compliance, acceptable use, security, data leakage, and custom policies.
    • Theta Lake uses AI and ML to detect problematic content across voice, content shared on screen, webcam images, virtual whiteboards, documents, chat messages, and shared media. 


Compliance review of a zoom conference call

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