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Compliance Review for Videolicious


Personalized videos are now an important toolset for sales and marketing teams looking to create closer one-to-one relationships with customers. But scaling compliance to cover these communications can be a challenge. Theta Lake automates the process of compliance review, offering a comprehensive platform to streamline supervision, retention, and eDiscovery.

By automating and streamlining the review process, sales and marketing teams can look to expand the deployment of Videolicious to larger number of the salesforce without simultaneously increasing compliance headcount required to review, thus cementing strong ROIs for your video programs.

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For regulated organizations, regulatory scrutiny and requirements drive the need for more accurate review of sales and marketing videos. This often falls on compliance teams to detect any misleading statements and that videos contain appropriate disclaimers and disclosures. The increased volume of video content being generated is creating an increased burden on compliance teams. 


Compliance for Sales and Marketing Videos

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Capture all videos and associated scripts hosted by Videolicious in our centralized compliance hub for easier review.


Leverage AI for risk detection, workflow automation, and script comparisons, to enable more efficient review.


Identify data leakage of PII, promissory statements, and regulatory & corporate risks either shown or said.


Rule-based policies for long-term retention, legal holds, and eDiscovery across Videolicious content.

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Digital Script Review

Theta Lake’s integration automatically ingests video recordings and their associated scripts from Videolicious. Videos are assessed a similarity score based on how closely the audio transcript matches the script. If a presenter goes off-script, the compliance advisor marks where in the video the script differences occur and can notify a reviewer about the potential risk. 

Theta Lake removes the bottleneck of manual review of script documents and the inefficiency of compliance reviewers watching videos to ensure they comply with approved scripts.

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Content Analysis

Risk Detections and Insights

Compliance teams within regulated industry need to comply with industry-specific regulations, internal standards, and even newly created data protection laws, making management of policies and how they apply to electronic communication supervision difficult.

Theta Lake automatically detects risks in what is said and shown on screen. Leverage compliance domain expertise, Theta Lake uses 70+ built-in regulatory and corporate compliance policies to tag videos with risk scores along with surfacing identified, timestamped compliance risk detections in a AI-assisted workspace. Low-risk videos can automatically be approved for distribution while high-risk videos get routed to compliance members to perform more in-depth manual review on the risky content, rather than rely on random sampling techniques.


Reduce Data Loss, Maintain Compliance,
and Simply Governance

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Benefits of Modern Compliance AI

Generate Business Insights

The context of what is shown or said must be audited for compliance risk together. Theta Lake leverages machine learning and natural language processing to detect possible compliance risks within the visual and audio of every video.

Automate Manual Processes

Since reviewing video content has remained a manual process by compliance teams, there is an increasing burden placed on compliance groups as the volume of video continues to grow. Artificial Intelligence-based workflows enable compliance managers to centralize control over processes and preservation policies.

Data Protection

Comply with data protection requirements such as GDPR, or industry specific standards like MiFID II or SEC 17a-4 for financial services. Securely manage enterprise content across its entire lifecycle with the right compliance infrastructure.

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