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Video Compliance Review for Wistia


Businesses face the challenge of an overabundance of content. Furthermore, content is often fragmented across multiple systems. That’s why compliance and legal professionals need seamless, full visibility into enterprise content and the ability to easily manage compliance, retention, and legal holds in one place.

Theta Lake’s integration with Wistia and Soapbox eliminates the complexity of video review and retention, streamlining compliance review so your resources can be more efficient.

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Compliance teams today are struggling to create processes and policies to aggregate video content that requires review. Was the file attached in an email, or is it in a directory? Is this the most current version? What risks were detected in the previous version? Because content is siloed across multiple places, compliance workers are wasting time and losing productivity.

The rise of sales and marketing videos require a more modern solution. Theta Lake is a centralized hub to manage compliance review for video, conferencing, social media video, and more. Our compliance suite also generates more meaningful insights into video content by leveraging advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Compliance for Sales and Marketing Videos

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Capture all videos hosted by Wistia and Soapbox in our compliance suite.


Leverage AI for risk detection, workflow automation, and script comparisons, to enable more efficient review.


Identify data leakage of PII, Intellectual Property, or other confidential information.


Create rule-based policies for long-term retention, legal holds, and eDiscovery across Wistia videos.

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AI Compliance for Digital Transformation

Theta Lake helps compliance teams more easily access and interpret identified risks within Wistia videos. Our native integration centralizes all your sales and marketing content in one place and uses new technologies like Machine Learning and AI to help scale review processes.

Our compliance suite applies Machine Learning using image recognition to scan text and objects shown onscreen. If personal information (like a social security number) is displayed, the video is marked at that time and run against our built-in policy detections. Using AI-based workflows, the system can alert compliance members about the potential risk. 

Content Analysis

Video Intelligence for Compliance Analysis

Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning power 70+ built-in policies, and assesses every Wistia video a risk score based on:

Screen Detections:

Theta Lake analyzes what is shown on screen and in the background for compliance risks. Screen detections prevent data leakage like sharing private information or corporate risks like showing inappropriate logos.

Speech Analysis:

Using Natural Language Processing, audio is checked against our policy detections for potential risks like misleading or promotional statements.

Digital Script Review:

Marketing scripts can be reviewed using regulatory and corporate compliance policies. Once scripts have been approved, the corresponding video can easily be added and securely archived as part of the same submission.

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Theta Lake's integration with Wistia and Soapbox enables smarter, more efficient compliance processes for marketing and personalized sales videos.

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Why Companies use Theta Lake

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Secure, Compliant Archiving

Content archived in our system is stored in a “Write-Once-Read-Many” (WORM) format. Theta Lake’s archive helps companies meet FINRA requirements under SEC 17a-4 rules and maintain MiFID II compliance for secure record keeping. Our archiving helps businesses maintain complete control of enterprise-wide deletion of content.


Legal Hold & eDiscovery

Theta Lake ingests video with the ability to apply rule-based retention policies and apply legal holds for longer or indefinite retention. Our advanced search feature allows users to run robust search queries to identify content relevant to legal cases, compliance violations, or specific subject matters. Theta Lake provides legal, risk, and compliance teams easy-to-use tools to be more efficient in retention and eDiscovery.

Time-Saving Workflows

Using AI, Wistia videos can automatically trigger certain processes based on classifiers. For example, assigning all marketing videos to a specific reviewer’s queue or archive videos with low risk scores. This reduces the chance of errors, cuts costs, and streamlines the compliance review experience for both reviewers and video creators.


PII and Redaction

Users have the ability to redact the audio and/or visual portion of a video if personal information is shown or said.


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