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eWeek: Theta Lake Extends Compliance Coverage To Enterprise Collaboration

By April 29, 2024No Comments
ew 20240424 theta lake extends its unified compliance coverage


Advanced unified compliance coverage is now available to unified communication platforms through Theta Lake.

Artificial intelligence (AI) was the big theme at the recent Enterprise Connect 2024, which took place in Orlando, Florida. Companies are proactively incorporating AI features into their daily business practices at a rapid pace.

However, the rise in AI’s utility creates considerable concern about data security and transparency – an issue that Theta Lake aims to tackle.

Theta Lake Tackles AI Compliance and Oversight

Key concerns surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) involve the accuracy of its outputs and problems with misleading information, known as “hallucinations.” There is also apprehension about the types of queries users submit, such as requests for sensitive information, which pose ethical and security risks.

Organizations are growing interested in monitoring AI prompts to ensure compliance with ethical guidelines and security standards. To address this, Theta Lake builds solutions for organizations using communications and collaboration platforms, focusing on compliance to enhance user regulatory oversight.

Enhancing Compliance: Insights from Theta Lake’s Chief Product Officer

I spoke with Dan Nadir, Theta Lake’s Chief Product Officer, at Enterprise Connect 2024. Nadir discussed the benefits and challenges of advanced features in collaborative meeting products today. He also shared the company’s news from the show. Highlights of the ZKast interview, done in conjunction with eWEEK eSPEAKS, are below.


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