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UC Today: The Top Microsoft Teams Security and Compliance Vendors for 2024

By April 2, 2024April 19th, 2024No Comments
The Top Microsoft Teams Security and Compliance Vendors for 2024


Leading vendors of Microsoft Teams security and compliance solutions


The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Microsoft Teams Security and Compliance Marketplace.

As the popularity of Microsoft Teams as a comprehensive communication platform continues to grow, demand for Microsoft Teams security and compliance solutions is increasing.

Though Microsoft’s technology has its own safeguards in place to protect companies and their data, organizations often need more extensive solutions for minimizing risks. Fortunately, many leading vendors offer comprehensive systems for boosting Microsoft Teams compliance, from interaction recording tools, to data storage solutions.

In recent years, these offerings have become more advanced, offering access to everything from automated risk detection, to AI-powered insights. To help you choose the right offering for your team, we’ve curated some of the top vendors in the security and compliance space into this market map.

  • Theta Lake
  • 46 Labs LLC
  • AGAT Software
  • ASC Technologies
  • CallCabinet
  • Dubber
  • Frafos
  • Insightful Technology
  • Italtel
  • Luware
  • M5 Technologies
  • Mida Solutions
  • Numonix
  • Oak Innovation
  • Redbox
  • Sansay Inc
  • Smarsh
  • TE-SYSTEMS (Anynode)
  • Thinktel
  • Ultatel

Theta Lake

Recognized as a leading security vendor by analysts like Gartner, Theta Lake produces solutions that reduce compliance issues, and enhance data security. The company’s broad portfolio is packed full of tools for information monitoring, surveillance, and archiving. For Microsoft Teams security, Theta Lake offers a full suite of AI-based capture, archiving, eDiscovery and supervision solutions.

The system can automatically detect data leakage issues and compliance risks in shared content and chat environments. Plus, companies can take full advantage of a secure archive system, with customizable retention policies, and the ability to apply legal holds in the WORM compliant Theta Lake archive system.


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