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Channel Futures: Slack Partners Have Shared Obligation to Educate Users

By August 17, 2023January 5th, 2024No Comments
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Slack partners and organizations must educate to avoid security and compliance shortcomings.

With Dreamforce 2023, the Salesforce/Slack annual developer conference, fast approaching, we set out to unearth more about the landscape for Slack partners. Not big on sharing channel-related numbers, what we know about the program stems mainly from the firm’s partner website.

Slack has three tiers of partners. Software partners such as AWS, Google Workspace, ZoomServiceNow, and Zendesk comprise one body. Consulting partners, which include Deloitte Digital and the aforementioned IBM, are another tier.

Furthermore, there are security and compliance partners that extend support for data loss prevention, identity management and more. That includes the likes of Microsoft DefenderMcAfee, and Theta Lake.


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