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Why Avoiding Communication Compliance Quandaries Puts Your Organization At Risk

Fifty-four percent of compliance professionals expect their personal liability to increase for compliance failures of their firms, according to the Thomson Reuters Cost of Compliance 2018 Survey. With recent fines for Financial Services firms with oversights in compliance supervision for electronic communications ranging upwards of $32 million, it is no surprise that compliance teams want to limit communication types and channels at their firms. In Part One of this three-part series, we discussed some of the internal tension between business and compliance teams when it comes to implementing new communication technologies. In this blog post, we’ll examine why hope isn’t an effective compliance plan and layout key considerations for organizations to pursue as they modernize their digital communication arsenal.


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Devin Redmond

Author Devin Redmond

Devin has more than 2 decades of experience in enterprise risk and compliance. The former CEO and Co-Founder of Nexgate, a pioneer in social and digital media compliance and security acquired by Proofpoint (PFPT) in 2014, he also held executive and leadership roles at Check Point, Neoteris, Websense, and more. In addition to living in 7 countries and speaking 3 languages, Devin is a frequent public speaker that is passionate about modern digital risk and compliance technology that helps businesses gain a competitive advantage.

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