Video Communication Compliance

Theta Lake is compliance built for modern digital video and audio communications. Theta Lake uses AI and deep learning policies for detecting regulatory and corporate compliance risks in video chat, video marketing, call recording, and rich media content. Theta Lake adds AI-assisted supervision workflow, universal content ingestion integration, and secure retention for video and audio content.

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Automated risk scores prioritize reviews.
A.I. adds detection and risk information directly into workflow.
Easily respond to A.I. detection comments, saving reviewer’s time.
Built-in policies detect regulatory and corporate compliance risks.


Ingest, archive, and securely retain video, audio, and integrated chat content with compression options. This includes ingesting single file recordings and shared directories of recordings as well as live integrations with video conferencing, video chat, video marketing, and video content management systems.


Deep learning-based classification policies identify regulatory and corporate compliance risks across the dimensions of what was said, shown, and shared by whom in modern digital communications.


AI-assisted workflow aids consistent, effective, and efficient compliance and legal review of modern digital communications. Complete workflow logs and reports support audit requirements as well as legacy archive and eDiscovery interoperation.

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What we’ve been up to…

Devin Redmond moderates panel on innovation in risk management with compliance leaders from HSBC, Oak North Bank, Santander, and Willis Towers Watson.

Theta Lake demos audio and video communication compliance at the Global RegTech Summit.

Integrate. Classify. Supervise.

AI-based RegTech for video communication compliance.