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CX Today: The Top Contact Center Security and Compliance Vendors in 2024

By April 1, 2024No Comments
The Top Contact Center Security and Compliance Vendors in 2024 CX Today Market Map


Leading Security and Compliance Vendors for Contact Centers.

Security and compliance vendors focusing on the contact center landscape offer companies innovative ways to protect both employee and customer data in today’s world. Combining solutions for compliant conversation recording, with real-time monitoring, security alerts, and risk mitigation, these vendors ensures contact centers can stay one step ahead of compliance regulations. 

As the customer journey grows increasingly complex, and the volume of data generated by interactions grows, the right security and compliance tools have grown increasingly important to business leaders. Some innovators in today’s world are even offering organizations the opportunity to tap into powerful AI-driven tools.  

We’ve assessed the current contact center security and compliance market, to bring you this map of the leading vendors to consider in 2024.  

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Security & Compliance Marketplace.

  • Pindrop 
  • PCI PAL 
  • Oak 
  • Smarsh 
  • Cisco 
  • Theta Lake 
  • Dubber 
  • IBM 


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