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FinTech Global: Don’t switch off unified communication tools for compliance

By January 11, 2023May 26th, 2024No Comments
Firms shouldnt switch off unified communication features for compliance Theta Lake warns 696x464.jpg 1

Unified communication tools have transformed how businesses communicate, but they come with greater compliance challenges. Theta Lake director of global marketing Garth Landers believes the business benefits of unified communication tools outweighs the challenges.

A surprising benefit of the Covid-19 pandemic was the increased adoption of unified communications within business. These tools have allowed them to reimagine their communication paths with customers, prospects, partners and internal employees.

These multimodal capabilities, including voice, video, text, file sharing, have allowed organisations of all sizes to change how they operate. But we are still just in the early days of their impact on business.

Landers said, “Today, buyers are seeking to realise a return on investment while also asking how they can maximise the ever-expanding capabilities of UC platforms for enhanced productivity and digital transformation. It is quite likely that we haven’t begun to fully realise how UC platforms can be leveraged and the marketplace continues to evolve and develop new capabilities which will be further immersed in digital workflows and business processes.”

While they have been great at helping remote teams communicate or provide a simplified way to meet with partners or clients, there is a major compliance and security problem that needs solving. Previous communication methods, such as emails, were easy to monitor and control for governance. Whereas the cloud-based, decentralised and dynamic unified communications platforms are not as simple.

Compliance teams have had to trace the context and flow of a conversation that might start on a voice call, carry over to chat and end in a virtual conversation. Then there are the issues of capturing information that might be shared in the background of a video, or the chat functions of a video call.


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