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Theta Lake Introduces First Legal Hold Solution for Dynamic Content Types

By May 19, 2020May 21st, 2020No Comments
Legal hold case management overview

Santa Barbara, CA — May 19, 2020 —Theta Lake, Inc., the collaboration risk and compliance management company that helps organizations scale their risk detection in modern collaboration platforms, today introduced the industry’s first platform to provide legal hold across multiple rich media content types, including audio, video, collaborative messaging communications, and documents while supporting an organization’s legacy eDiscovery tools.

Existing archive and eDiscovery products were created to provide legal hold solutions for basic email and documentation. However, today’s businesses use a variety of communication systems and have largely moved to collaboration applications that combine video, audio, and text communication capabilities. These collaboration platforms make it exceedingly easy for employees to chat, share documents, and display files and images on the screen with other employees, partners, and customers. However, they also create potential legal, privacy, and compliance risks if not properly managed and supervised.

With Theta Lake’s Legal Hold Case Management, custodians may add, search, and manage records within a case, set start and end dates for the case, and maintain descriptions and case logs. Theta Lake simplifies the process of eDiscovery by leveraging the comprehensive search capabilities of its Compliance Suite—facilitating queries across a firm’s entire archive of audio, video, collaborative messaging communications, and documents using over 100 unique filters. Search results can be easily added to cases in a few clicks. Records held in an active case are held for the duration of the case as defined by the organization. When data is ready for production, cases can be exported and provided to outside counsel. Additionally, the Case Management tool integrates with eDiscovery and content management tools, such as Relativity and Microsoft O365.

tl legalhold management min

Legal Hold Case Management lets you instantly view all cases across your archive, highlighting case names, content types, and important case dates. Users may generate summary reports for cases to share with management.



tl casesummary min

The Case Summary dashboard provides details about a selected case, its contents, related risk scores, and a log of all content added to and removed from the case.


“When organizations need to produce records for an eDiscovery event, they need instant access for placing legal holds across these more complex communication mediums,” said Dan Nadir, Chief Product Officer of Theta Lake. “There is a big difference between trying to put a hold on a simple email exchange between two parties versus placing a hold on a chat session where the parties communicate continuously over an extended period of time while sharing documents, images, screen shares, and even videos within that ongoing collaboration session. With our new release, we are proud to provide organizations with seamless and responsive legal hold management to close the risk gap with full coverage across their modern communication and legacy tools.”


tl casecontent min

Case Content provides a list of the records from your archive that are associated with the case, allowing you to search the entire case using keywords and filters.

Theta Lake Legal Hold Case Management provides instant search across all video, visual, voice, SMS, file, fax, and document content in unified collaboration and communication content. Organizations can search on participants while querying any term or topic whether it was shown, shared, written, spoken, or included in a transferred file.

Users can view any record in its entirety—including collaboration platform messages in their native format with full context, video recordings and conferences, audio recordings, and any other document attachments. All records include a full audit log of all comments and changes made in the compliance review process.



tl casemanagement min

Theta Lake Case Management enhances rapid eDiscovery using multi-dimensional searches across keywords, people, dates, policy detections, workflow, media types, and more. Multi-select important records from search results and quickly add them to cases, as needed.


“When organizations are managing legal holds, they need them to be thorough, accurate, and fast. As an innovator, we’ve designed our legal hold solution to parse and analyze content as it is archived to provide our customers with complete, quick, and responsive searches that also include context rich identifications of people, risk scores based on industry, and context of previous reviews,” said Nadir.



Theta Lake Legal Hold Case Management is available today.

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