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RingCentral Blog: Securing Tomorrow’s Communications: The Power of RingCentral and Theta Lake

By September 19, 2023No Comments


In the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory compliance and security, organizations are facing increasing scrutiny from regulators to ensure the proper preservation and monitoring of electronic communications. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have not hesitated to impose substantial fines on firms that fail to maintain and preserve electronic communications (phone/voice, text, video, email, etc.) in compliance with record-keeping provisions. Recent penalties have underscored the critical importance of robust communication monitoring and archiving systems.

Regulatory Crackdown on Compliance Failures

The financial services industry has recently witnessed a wave of fines imposed by regulatory bodies for failures related to communication compliance, with a distinct focus on banks and investment firms. The SEC and CFTC have combined forces to penalize firms for ‘widespread and longstanding failures’ to capture and preserve electronic communications properly. These penalties highlight that regulatory patience has run out, and firms are now expected to take proactive steps to ensure compliance with record-keeping and supervision requirements.

The SEC has already ordered penalties exceeding $1.5 billion for violations of record-keeping provisions, while the CFTC has imposed over $1.09 billion in civil monetary penalties since December 2021. The cumulative fines for off-channel communications now stand at an astounding $2.5 billion+.

The message is clear: regulatory expectations are higher than ever, and firms must take immediate action to address compliance deficiencies.

The Importance of Proactive Compliance Measures

The regulatory landscape necessitates a fundamental shift in how firms approach communication compliance. Proactive self-reporting and remediation have proven to be effective strategies in mitigating penalties. Recent cases have shown that firms that self-report off-channel communications and take swift corrective actions to ensure compliance are rewarded with substantially reduced fines.

For instance, a firm that self-reported off-channel communications before regulatory intervention managed to reduce its penalties significantly. This proactive approach included clarifying relevant policies, enhancing training, reinforcing communication channel requirements, and implementing advanced surveillance platforms that covered all communication channels. Such actions demonstrate a commitment to compliance and a willingness to rectify any shortcomings.


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