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SC Magazine: How AI powers safer video conferencing and collaboration

By January 28, 2021May 27th, 2021No Comments
Image SCMag DevinCol Jan21

For millions of professionals, COVID-19 dramatically accelerated the changes in the way we work. Video conferencing and collaboration tools such as Microsoft TeamsZoom, and Cisco Webex have become a staple of our everyday work lives. Many of us spend our days switching between multiple different video conference calls, screenshares, chat channels, and real-time messaging services as we coordinate virtually with our co-workers.

The growth in the usage of these collaboration tools has been astronomical. This sudden shift to working from anywhere and the rise of modern video collaboration platforms has created efficiencies and made it possible for many people to work safely during the global pandemic. However, it has also increased data security, compliance, and legal risk for any organization using these platforms for collaboration. Those tasked with overseeing these security and compliance risks are struggling to keep up.

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