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Podcast: New Collaboration New Data Security Risk

By October 1, 2019No Comments

Collaboration platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and RingCentral Glip are changing how organizations work together. These applications are not only more convenient but are replacing some of our traditional communications such as voice calls. Furthermore, video conferencing is becoming the standard channel for exchanging interpersonal communications, and preferred by customers when compared to email.

As we adopt these tools, some questions arise surrounding compliance.  Have compliance teams considered the risk these platforms pose to the security of private data? How do we track the voice and video communications that these platforms provide to ensure that we are not leaking sensitive data? Are there patterns of usage that should concern enterprises?

Theta Lake CEO Devin Redmond sits down with TechString Tech Interviews to to understand the problem, and why governance & data security is difficult on these platforms. Devin also discusses how companies like Theta Lake are taking modern technology approaches, such as machine learning, to ensure we retain control and governance of our data regardless of the platforms that data is held in.