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UC Today: Disabling UC Tools Can Make You LESS Compliant

By October 2, 2023No Comments
Disabling UC Tools Can Make You LESS Compliant


Unleashing the potential of Unified Communication and Collaboration: A conversation with Devin Redmond, CEO of Theta Lake


In a recent interview, Devin Redmond, CEO of Theta Lake, shed light on the evolving landscape of unified communications (UC) and compliance and how the company is helping organizations navigate it. Here are the key takeaways:

Maximizing UC Investment

During the pandemic, organizations scrambled to adopt new UC tools to enhance productivity and adapt to remote work. However, a common challenge emerged – many organizations turned off crucial features to meet compliance standards. Devin Redmond explained this predicament succinctly, “This approach resulted in a reduced return on investment as users missed out on productivity-enhancing features.”

Meeting Compliance Challenges

Redmond stressed the pitfalls of disabling features such as in-meeting chat, which inadvertently hindered productivity and led to the emergence of unmonitored communication channels. Theta Lake’s mission is to help organizations embrace the benefits of UC tools while maintaining compliance. Their approach is to enable organizations to enable new features while minimizing disruptions and compliance risk. This encompasses smart capture, AI assisted compliance review and archiving, allowing organizations to pinpoint compliance risks more efficiently.


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