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UC Today: From Whiteboards to File Sharing: Securing your Modern Workplace

By September 27, 2023No Comments
From Whiteboards to File Sharing Securing your Modern Workplace


The future of work has arrived. Changing trends, like the rise of hybrid and remote work have transformed the way employees connect, collaborate, and share knowledge on a fundamental scale. Boardroom meetings and brainstorming sessions have given way to digital whiteboards, generating dynamic content on the fly.

Supervisors and managers guide staff members through assignments on project management apps. Even crucial meetings are taking place through messaging apps and video conferencing tools. Fortunately, collaboration platform vendors like ZoomRingCentral, and Microsoft are providing organizations with all the solutions they need to unify and empower workers.

However, as collaboration methods evolve, companies are increasingly struggling to ensure internal communications remain compliant. According to a Theta Lake study, 68% of companies even restrict access to crucial collaboration features just to reduce risk.

So, how do companies enable collaboration while staying secure?

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