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UC Today: Theta Lake Explores Compliance Challenges in Microsoft 365 for Financial Institutions

By January 4, 2024No Comments
Theta Lake Explores Compliance Challenges in Microsoft 365 for Financial Institutions


Key takeaways from our recent webinar with Theta Lake

For countless companies, Microsoft’s broad ecosystem of communication, collaboration, and productivity tools has become essential to the modern workplace. With endless features to improve communications, knowledge sharing, and even innovation, Microsoft is helping organizations build the perfect “productivity suite” for modern teams. But as workplaces evolve, with new communication channels, storage systems, and the advent of generative AI, there’s a crucial challenge to overcome. Maintaining compliance. Theta Lake, experts in compliance, privacy, and security optimization, offers its customers intuitive ways to preserve compliance without compromising the flexibility of its Microsoft ecosystem.

We spoke to Devin Redmond (CEO of Theta Lake)Kirk Koenigsbauer (COO of experiences and devices at Microsoft), and Leo Brito (EVP at Wells Fargo) to access their insights into maintaining compliance in the Microsoft 365 landscape.


Navigating the Complexities of Communications Compliance

Microsoft implements various strategies to ensure its platform is secure, extensible, and reliable for multiple institutions, from implementing audit frameworks to offering a comprehensive compliance program for Microsoft Cloud. However, for highly regulated industries, like the financial sector, additional elements may be necessary to ensure the right level of data control.Companies in financial industries, like many others, are going through a massive period of change, driven by changing communication methods and evolving collaborative workflows. While Microsoft tools can help streamline this transformation, every change requires a careful consideration of the impact it may have on compliance.

Companies need to ensure they’re collecting the correct information from every channel, storing it securely, and ensuring the right insights are available to auditors. Theta Lake works with Microsoft clients on three levels to ensure success.


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