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UC Today: Theta Lake Simplifies Microsoft Office 365 Compliance Data Capture

By July 7, 2023July 20th, 2023No Comments
Theta Lake Simplifies Microsoft Office 365 Compliance Data Capture

How IT administrators find compliance capture as simple as downloading an iPhone App

In July 1981, Bill Gates and Paul Allen acquired the Disc Operating System. Now Microsoft is so enormous that it touches the whole workplace.

Yet, for IT managers in regulated industries, such as financial services, it causes headaches.

Since the SEC fined a Wall Street institution $200m because staff communicated with clients using private (unmonitored) SMS, compliance officers in banks have held sway. Their influence has often meant that banks turn off UC features because the data can’t be “captured”. (That is to say, monitored, archived and if necessary, “surfaced” – drawn to the attention of compliance officers.)

So IT managers have been scrambling to find solutions.

Multiple Compliance Solutions Reduces ROI

Capturing data must occur across multiple UC modalities. The need to capture applies to content within Microsoft Office 365 communications such as Outlook, Teams Chat, Voice and Viva Engage and to the underlying files on One Drive and SharePoint data. The entire team portfolio needs capturing and retention.

Regulated firms have often relied on a different compliance vendor that has supplied a solution for each Unified Communications modality and application or has not supported all modalities. That has led to multiple vendor relationships, administrative complexity and rising license costs. Then there’s a nagging doubt that an application isn’t being compliance-captured, so IT admins turn it off. Productivity plummets, damaging the ROI on Unified Communications investment.

Simplifying communications capture is where Theta Lake provides a Silver Bullet.


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