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UC Today: Theta Lake’s Research Reveals Data Security as the Top Concern, as Usage of Collaboration Tools like Microsoft Teams Grows

By November 23, 2022No Comments
Theta Lake 2022 Modern Communications Compliance and Security Report


45% of firms disable UC features in fear of compliance breaches 

Communication in the modern workplace is changing.

Almost half of firms are now using four or more tools to communicate – this reflects the growing portfolio of platforms available to organizations such as collaborative whiteboards and newer shared environments. All of which create challenges in capturing and retrieving information from multiple sources as well as supervising communications that span multiple platforms.

Two thirds of firms expect usage of these tools to increase more. Tools most frequently used by respondents include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex by Cisco, Slack, RingCentral and Symphony, plus mobile chat tools like WhatsApp and whiteboarding.

Data security remains a concern

A fundamental concern underlying the challenges of modern communication tools usage is security of sensitive information.

The top three features that are considered the greatest risk to compliance, security and privacy (such as employee misconduct) are the transfer of files via chat (52%), the ability to share links in chat or on screen (41%) and the risks of screenshare (38%). Notably, the findings are completely in line with professionals’ views reported last year.

Those risks were in addition to concerns relating to capturing and monitoring communications. A vast array of issues surrounding security and privacy were highlighted. Respondents repeatedly cited the risk of content being hacked, leaked or shared externally.

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