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UC Today: Will Enterprises Be Forced to Ban Chat?

By June 10, 2022No Comments

Theta Lake’s 2021 Modern Communications Survey Provides Answers.

When historians look back at the Pandemic, they may conclude that necessity was the Mother of Invention.  

That was especially true with Unified Communications (UC).  

It revolutionised work.  

Vital to UC is chat and its dynamic reactions, gifs, emojis, link and file features, if not properly monitored, increase the risks of data breaches and exposure.

Theta Lake conducted in-depth research about the risks of UC chat and uncovered some startling findings            

The Attraction of Chat 

Chat is embedded in all the popular collaboration tools, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams RingCentral, Cisco and others. 

It’s easy to see why.   

Chat is flexible. Conversations can be concurrent or asynchronous. Salutations and closings can be ignored, saving microseconds. The user experience trumps both email and telephoning.    

Chat is so popular precisely because it makes every interaction — from reactions to the sharing of links, files, and emojis — incredibly easy.   

That’s a problem.

2021 Modern Communications Survey: Scary Findings 

Theta Lake’s 2021 Survey is a must-read for anyone concerned about online security and keeping information safe. 

Nearly two-thirds of respondents cited chat, file and link sharing as most threatening to client privacy and security.                

They were justified. 

Research revealed that: – 

  • 63% of respondents share files
  • 56% share links
  • 93% admitted to receiving files or links (which could contain malware). Half do this twice daily.

Screen Shot 2022 06 10 at 8.11.34 AMRead the full article at UC Today!