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UC Today: Zoom – Advanced Features You Need to Know

By August 16, 2022No Comments
Zoom Advanced Features You Need to Know


Advanced features you need to know for Zoom Video Conferencing in 2022

Zoom is among the most popular video conferencing solutions in the world. In May 2022, the company announced that over 198,000 enterprises use Zoom, up by 24% from the same quarter last year. The collaboration vendor saw revenue from larger enterprise customers increase by 31 percent. Its continued growth results from constant innovation and new features launched regularly to meet user needs. For those looking to adopt Zoom in 2022, or upgrade their implementations, here are the most advanced features to note:

Zoom One Packages

Zoom One is a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool and one of the platform’s latest advanced features. The new service also offers multilingual captions, meetings, whiteboards, continuous chat, and phone services.

Customers may scale their preferred product bundle up or down, selecting six tiers ranging from Zoom One Basic to Zoom One Enterprise Plus. Zoom One Basic, the first tier of Zoom One’s six services, offers real-time transcription, Zoom Chat, a basic Zoom Whiteboard feature set, and 40 minutes of free Zoom Meetings for up to 100 participants. As an add-on, Enterprise Plus offers unlimited calling.


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