Theta Lake integrates with Cisco Webex Meetings to make video communications secure, simple, and scalable.

Video communications with users outside an organization represents a fairly significant surface area of risk and exposure. With some conferencing services, administrators and compliance teams have no visibility of these communication and potential risks.

Through Theta Lake’s native integration with the Webex Meetings suite, the audio and visual content within video recordings — including shared files, screen sharing, and whiteboard content — is analyzed for compliance risks and is stored in a secure, WORM-compliant archive based on rule-based retention policies.

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How it works

Joint Webex and Theta Lake customers benefit from policy-based retention, automated risk detection, and workflow insights that streamline supervision of voice, video, and content sharing within Webex Meetings.

1. Theta Lake natively integrates with Webex Meetings and Webex Teams, enabling you to apply compliance policies and create customizable workflows for the videos and chat content you want to include in your governance practice.

2. Theta Lake automatically analyzes shown, shared, spoken, written, and whiteboard content when a new Webex Meeting recording is created.

3. Organizations create rule-based policies for long-term video content retention in a secure, WORM-compliant archive and have access to rich eDiscovery across video recordings.

Modern video communications compliance made easy

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