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Regulatory Perspectives

BLOG: Why Communications Compliance is a Top Priority for Contact Centers

By April 25, 2024April 29th, 2024No Comments

Contact centers are, by definition, all about communication. And the richness of the communication has been enhanced immeasurably by the deployment of unified communication and collaboration (UCC) tools with their wide range of features and functionality. That said, firms have not always been able to take full advantage of much needed functionality due to potential compliance concerns which have led some users to switch features off. UC providers are alive to the need from customers and are prioritizing helping by providing more ways to solve recordkeeping and supervision needs – the recent news from Zoom on its approach serves as a positive example on what firms can (and should) expect from their communication and collaboration providers.

Indeed in a recent webinar, Zoom, Theta Lake and PCI Pal explored ‘Navigating Compliance Challenges: Strategies for a Robust Contact Centre’ and highlighted how Zoom is simplifying compliance via a fully integrated suite with Zoom Compliance Manager being powered by Theta Lake.

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