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FinTech Global: What is Theta Lake’s role in the new market of digital communications governance?

By July 31, 2023No Comments
What is Theta Lakes role in the new market of digital communications governance


Theta Lake recently took the opportunity to explain to its readers and customers more about digital communications governance and its role in it. 

On 14 July, Gartner introduced a new market segment, Digital Communications Governance (DCG), in two of their Hype Cycles, specifically within Storage and Data Protection and Data Security. This announcement has stirred interest within the industry, and Gartner clients will use these Hype Cycles to evaluate the technological maturity, adoption, and social applications. Theta Lake, a prominent vendor, is listed as a sample provider in this newly defined category.

So, what exactly is Digital Communications Governance? According to Gartner, DCG encompasses “solutions that provide methods to monitor and enforce corporate governance and regulatory compliance across a growing number of communications tools available to employees.” In addition, DCG solutions enable consistent policy management, enforcement, and reporting capabilities across various channels like data retention, surveillance, supervision, behavioural analytics, auditing, and e-discovery. These solutions extend to support video, text, voice, and mobile communications.

The creation of DCG represents an evolution in the market, moving beyond the Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) focus on email and instant messaging archiving. It reflects the growing importance of modern communications tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, and others. Theta Lake’s approach to compliance and security in these areas goes beyond email, embracing the dynamic, intertwined nature of modern communication tools. Their solutions cover voice, text, video, and mobile platforms, including SMS and WhatsApp, offering a comprehensive solution to the demands of the current market.


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